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5 Ways To Increase Your Family’s Energy Levels This Spring

Keeping your family healthy and energized should be a priority in your life. This is because it will equip everyone with the physical and mental acuity that they will need outside of your home. There are many ways to go about it but here are five things you can do as a family to increase energy levels naturally.

Start The Day Early


Take it from the pros, waking up early is a good way to start the day. Apple CEO Tim Cook has been reported by Business Insider as an early riser because he starts his day at 3:45 AM. Of course, don’t go around beating on pans at an ungodly hour just yet. Try waking everybody up at an agreed-upon reasonable hour to get everyone to feel a boost in energy and productivity. For this to remain effective, see the consistency of the early rooster’s crow.

Sweat It Out!


Exercise is always a useful energy-booster. Since you’ll be waking up early, there’s more time to squeeze in a family workout. Go for a short run around a few blocks, engage in team sports everyone will enjoy or take your family on a hike during the weekend. The Telegraph reports that there is a rise in families getting fit and fighting obesity as a unit. The family that works out together stays together.

Bask In The Sun’s Light


The World Health Organization recommends at least 15 minutes of exposure to natural light a few times a week because Vitamin D is a substance essential for bone and muscle growth. Deficiency may lead to muscle fatigue and make everyone feel exhausted. Aside from strenuous activities like working out, you can also engage in relaxing pastimes to replenish Vitamin D levels, such as enjoying a morning picnic by the lake.

Fuel Your Bodies


The old adage of breakfast being the most important meal of the day will stand the test of time. A healthy and filling first meal makes all the difference in your energy levels throughout the day. You can then keep your bodies fueled by eating healthy snacks. Leesa created an alternative version of the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich, which contains fruit slices for an extra boost of nutrients. The generous spread of Nutella makes this snack popular with young children, too.

Additionally, infuse your family’s diet with natural, healthy foods that fight fatigue. Health Magazine advises not to skimp on protein, fiber, iron, healthy fats, and of course, carbohydrates which can all be found in natural sources. And the complimentary beverage to all of this? Water. Don’t forget to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Relax and Rest


After a long day, rest can be the most rewarding thing. Wind down a few hours before a family movie, then completely cut off all electronics an hour before bedtime as they can be too distracting. Finally, finish the day with a well-deserved sleep. Just like their wake-up call, a previous blog post in OurStart emphasizes the need to make their bedtime a habit especially at an early age. Getting quality sleep will rejuvenate your entire family for the following day.

I hope that these tips can help your family to feel healthier and energized this Spring!

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