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5 Ways To Be More Grateful This November

As Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, it is a great time to remember and reflect on our blessings. Maybe your family always shares what they are grateful for around the Thanksgiving table. Perhaps, you barely think about your blessings at all as you hungrily stuff your face with turkey and mashed potatoes. Either way, November is a great month to reflect and take stock of all the blessings and joys that are in our lives. How can we do this? What are some tips to get you started?

Make A List

Take some time this November to write down everything you are grateful for. This is the perfect way to remember and think about all you truly have. And, once it is written down, it is something you can use to look back on during rougher times or after having a bad day.

Talk It Out

Have conversations with your friends and family members about what they are grateful for. There is nothing quite as special as sharing the best parts of the year and of your life over warm cups of coffee and sticky kitchen tables.

Read The News

It can be easy to think about all the negatives in the world, but sometimes it can help us to realize just how privileged we are. Though it is not healthy to dwell on the tragedies that plague our society, it can help give us a more in-depth perspective and appreciation for what we already have.


The holiday seasons of Thanksgiving and Christmas offer a plethora of ways to serve and help out others. Sometimes you become more grateful for what you have when you realize how little others do. This could be volunteering to ring the bell for the salvation army, assisting in a soup kitchen, or packing up your old winter clothes that are still in good shape. By serving others well this time of year, you’ll realize how blessed you are, and use that to bless others.


Maybe making lists and having conversations about how thankful you are isn’t for you. If you are someone who is a little more introverted, it might be a good idea to take some time to reflect on what you are grateful for quietly. This could be as simple as taking a walk in the park every Saturday afternoon, or clearing your head of stress and focusing on the good before you drift off to sleep each night.

In conclusion, there are so many ways that you can become more grateful this Thanksgiving season. Take some time to realize all the blessings you have in your life today.


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