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These Disasters Could Happen To You: Prepare and Avoid!

Ever been to that wedding where everything just seemed to go wrong? The guest list was much too large for the venue that it was at. The seating chart was skewed and hard to read. Not only do you not have enough room for where you are supposed to celebrate the happy couple, but you also don’t know where you are to sit. Those are just a couple examples of unexpected things to go wrong for your big day… What are the others that you should unexpectedly (pray that they don’t happen...) expect?


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The Weather

No one (not even the weather men, sometimes) can predict the weather. Anyone with an outdoor wedding or a wedding that takes place in the winter will take the chance of having weather change upon them in a matter of moments.

Be sure to have a back-up plan that will be fail-proof if this occurs on your big day. Although you cannot change the weather, preparing is always best! Have a tent “on-call” for your summer wedding and snow removal in line if it is necessary (and pray that you don’t need it…)!

The Dress

Dress malfunctions are more common than you think. A simple stain or a tear could make for the worst disaster. I mean, come on! Your dress is one of the main centerpieces of the day so anything that goes wrong with it could be a complete and total wreck…. But it isn’t the end of the world.

Check out our “Prepare and Avoid” post for tips and suggestions on wedding dress mishaps on your big day! (We got you covered!)

Decor Malfunction

Your decor may look great and wonderful before you put it into play… Then it may fail or not work properly when you go to use it. If you’re using Christmas lights for ambiance, be sure that your lights work that day. If you’re using candles, be sure that your candles have enough burn time for the duration of your reception.

Have someone appointed for the candle lighting job and the lights. Be sure that if you’re using candles for decor, to get candles with a long enough burn time.


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Have a questionable friend that you aren’t sure about? Is that friend your maid of honor or best man? We all have that one friend that doesn’t know how to keep their mouth shut or doesn’t know proper etiquette.

If you’re too scared to have them give a speech, don’t include the speeches. Have them write a letter to you instead. Who says you have to follow all the traditions? If you’re confidant in them and you wish to have that opportunity, ask them to only include necessary things in their speech and be sure to have limits set for your speech giver, I.e. Things to include and things to not include!

Personalities Clash

Divorces in the family? Sibling rivalries going on? Every family has them. No family is perfect and we know this. If you know you are going to have those family members in attendance, be sure to be mindful of the seating chart. If you separate them (like the children they seem to want to be) then you may be able to avoid a catastrophe.

Most of the time those guests, if you talk with them about it, will pull their claws in for the day to join in to celebrate your nuptials. Chat and separate for the best outcome.



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Children are gifts from God, but sometimes they can be little devils. They can squeal during the ceremony or run amuck during the reception and be extremely hazardous to those around.

If you’re getting married at a church, keep in mind that the church itself may offer child care if you commission them to. You can also specify in your invitation that this is an adult only event!


Speaking of adults only, alcohol can be a party starter and a party ruiner. Alcohol in moderation is alright, but there are always those couple of guests that can’t control themselves.

Set a limit to each of your guests if you’re worried about the control issue or simply 86 the alcohol all together. A wise man once said, “If you need alcohol to have fun, then you’re not really having fun!”. Not only will this save you a ton of money, it will also save you the embarrassment of those wild wedding guests.

Rogue One


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You’ve gone over the guest list time and time again. You’ve got your numbers set and your seating chart is complete, nothing can go wrong on the day of… right? False, you’ll have that one guest that didn’t RSVP their plus-one or your little cousin thought it would be ok to bring her three best friends. You’ve got no tables set for extra guests….

Set an extra table or two up or have them ready to go for your reception. You may not even need those tables seeing as 10% to 20% of your invited guests list decline or fail to RSVP that they decline.

The DJ

No one likes going to those events that you cannot understand what the DJ is saying and no one can talk because the music it too loud. Be sure that the DJ has an ample amount of time to set up the equipment at your reception and ceremony site.

Adjusting the sounds can be crucial, especially if you are in a church gymnasium or a hall for your reception!


Your wedding day will be magical no matter what, but these things can happen. Disasters will happen but prepare yourself. If you’re prepared for them, then they won’t be as disastrous on your big day. Happy planning!

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