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Do You Need A Bridal Checklist? Yes, You Do!

A bridal checklist is just that… A list. You may not think there is much of a necesity for a list, but trust me, when you’re running around trying to get all your last minute stuff done, you’ll want that list to tell you what to do, say, and have with you!


Why Do You Need One

You definitely don’t want to get to your ceremony site and realize that you forgot a ton of stuff; Or even worse, you don’t want to arrive at your honeymoon missing things that you wish you had! You will have so much going on throughout the course of your big day, trust me, you’ll have trouble remember certain parts of your big day and it will fly by! You’ll be exhausted at the end of it and the last thing on your mind will be to double check what you’ve done and packed.

Make A List

Make a list of all the events you have planned. Pre-wedding, wedding, reception, honeymoon. Be sure to include if you need an outfit change for these events. Go through the rooms in your home, that should create a list for you that will remind you of even the smallest detail.

Necessities VS. Wants

If you are going to a tropical destination for a week, you don’t need to have seven sweatshirts. Having an array of clothes to wear on your journey is great, but remember, what you bring with you is what you have to take back with and launder. Don’t bring what you don’t need! Also remember that you want to have room for souvenirs.


Having a list will cut the silly waste of time and allow you to get things done at a more efficient pace. When it comes down to the wire you need to have all the time that you can to finish last minute stuff that you may have forgotten about.


If you have a list, you can delegate tasks to others. You will have your tasks at a glance and not have to worry if you are missing things. This not only takes stress off of you, but it helps get things done!

A Sense Of Accomplishment

Doesn’t it feel great when you cross things off of your list as done? Yes! You feel as though that you were really productive with your day; So imagine feelings as though that you have accomplished all of your tasks for your big day with time and money to spare! Feels great, doesn’t it?

You’ll Thank Yourself Later

Seriously, you will thank yourself later for not only making a list to check-off each thing for your big day, but you will also thank yourself for saving not only time, but money! Life is so much easier when you have someone on your side making your time (and money) so much more valuable.


Think back to the last project that you did in school… You may remember that you wrote down what needed to be done and who was to do that task. Do the same thing for your big day! Brain storm and conquer your way to a stress free wedding with our help, of course!


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