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6 Benefits Of Trying a Whole 30 Cleanse, And How To Get Started

The Whole30 Cleanse is a very popular nutritional program that a lot of people are doing these days.  But as popular as this program is, you may be wondering, “Are there any benefits to doing the Whole30 Cleanse?”  Today I will be going over what the Whole30 Cleanse is, how you can start it, and what the benefits of it are.  Let’s get started.

What Is a Whole30 Cleanse?

The Whole30 Cleanse is becoming more and more popular. But as popular as it is, it is still unknown to some.  So before we get started on how to start the Whole30 Cleanse, let’s first go over what it is.  The Whole30 Cleanse is a nutritional program designed to change the way you feel and eat in 30 days.  You do not eat any sugar, sweeteners, alcohol, grains, legumes, dairy, processed foods, beverages, baked goods, or junk foods. You are only allowed to eat three clean meals per day, and they must only contain ingredients like meats, seafood, veggies, eggs, and a small amount of fruit.

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How To Start a Whole30 Cleanse

So, how do you start the Whole30 Cleanse?  Well, you can start by purchasing healthy foods.  Go to the produce section of your store, and buy some vegetables and fruits.  Keep in mind that during the Whole30 Cleanse, you are not supposed to eat too much fruit because fruits do contain sugar.

However, fruit can and should be eaten as long as you do not go overboard.  Once you have picked out some tasty veggies and fruits, go over to the meat department.  Remember that you should not be eating foods like sausage.  Instead, eat unprocessed meat.  You can also buy seafood while you are shopping for “meaty” foods.  Next, go buy some eggs.  You can also buy nuts as long as you don’t buy peanuts, since peanuts are a legume.

Once you are done shopping for solid foods, you can shop for some oils to cook with.  Make sure you only buy coconut oil or olive oil.  Any other oil is not allowed in the Whole30 Cleanse.  Ghee, which is a type of clarified butter is also allowed.  You are also allowed to drink coffee on the Whole30 Cleanse.  With that being said, you cannot use any milk products or sugar in your coffee.  Because the Whole30 Cleanse is all about detoxing and changing the way you eat, perhaps you should consider not having your morning coffee for the next 30 days.  After all, the Whole30 Cleanse is all about having energy without needing to eat sugar or caffeine.

Remember that when you are purchasing your foods, make sure you read all the ingredients.  Reading the ingredients of everything you eat is considered the Golden Rule of Whole30. Make sure there are no added sugars or additives in the food that you are buying.  Also, make sure you can pronounce all of the ingredients.  

If any of the ingredients are unpronounceable, they probably aren’t healthy.  Better yet, try mostly eating whole foods that do not contain any added ingredients.  Make sure vegetables are a main part of your diet, as well as fruit, eggs, meat, sea food, and some nuts.


Benefits Of Trying a Whole30 Cleanse

There are many benefits of the Whole30 Cleanse.  Many people have seen outstanding results after trying this cleanse, including feeling more energized, sleeping better, and even looking better.  Here is a list of some more benefits for trying the Whole30 Cleanse.

Sleep Better

If you suffer from insomnia, you may find it impossible to get a good nights rest.  That is where the Whole30 Cleanse can help you.  Many people who have tried the Whole30 Cleanse have said that for the whole 30 days they would fall asleep as soon as their head would hit the pillow.

Glowing Skin

People often assume that in order for you to have glowing skin, you must wear lots of makeup and use lots of tanning lotion. But if you are on the Whole30 Cleanse, you will find that your skin will be glowing naturally.  The texture, tone, and look of your skin will be better and healthier looking.


Whiter Eyes

It is normal for people to have bloodshot and red eyes if they are tired.  Because the Whole30 Cleanse will help you sleep better, you may begin to notice that you no longer have red eyes.  Within just a few days, the whites of your eyes will appear shiny and bright.



The purpose of the Whole30 Cleanse is to detox your body and make you feel healthier.  When you are eating healthier, you will find that you will have much more energy.  Keep in mind that you won’t get energy right away.  The first few days, you may find that you are physically tired as your body detoxes.  But once you have detoxed your body (this will take a few days), you will find that your energy level is high.  Because you cannot eat sugar on the Whole30 Cleanse, you won’t deal with a high energy level that quickly fades.  Instead, you will have a high energy level throughout the day.


A Clear Mind

Once you start the Whole30 Cleanse, you shouldn’t deal with brain fog or too much stress.  Even if things get overwhelming, your mind should be able to deal with it and think correctly.


Helps You Understand Your Body

The Whole30 Cleanse will help you understand a little bit more about your body and what you can eat.  According to one site, a lady who tried the Whole30 Cleanse said that after completing the 30 day nutritional program, she experimented with what she could eat. She slowly began to add other foods into her diet, and after adding gluten in, she got a rash. Although not everybody will get a rash when they eat a food their body dislikes, you will notice that you understand your body more.  You’ll be able to tell what your body craves and what your body dislikes.


What’s Next After the Whole30 Cleanse?

After completing the Whole30 Cleanse, you may wonder:  What’s next?  Well, there isn’t exactly another nutrition program that comes after the Whole30.  After the Whole30 you will basically continue to eat healthy.  You can treat yourself to some “unhealthy” foods once in a while, such as a sugary snack, but you won’t want to do this often.  Try your best to only eat meats, vegetables, fruits, eggs, and sea foods.

Many people who have completed the Whole30 Cleanse decided to try the paleo diet.  The paleo diet is similar to the Whole30 Cleanse, except that you are allowed to eat dairy foods and nuts.  You are also allowed to eat sugar once in a while on the paleo diet, but it can’t be a main part of your meal.


Final Thoughts

The Whole30 Cleanse is becoming more and more popular. With all of its health benefits, it may be a good decision to try it out yourself.  As you can see, it is a 30 day nutritional program that is designed to detox your body and improve your lifestyle.  You are only allowed to eat vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, sea food, and some nuts.  

You cannot eat sugar, sweeteners, alcohol, grains, legumes, dairy, processed foods, beverages, baked goods, or junk foods. Once you have completed the Whole30 Cleanse, you can either continue to eat the way you were when you were on the Whole30, or you can move to another diet such as the paleo diet.  The main point is to eat healthy, live a healthy lifestyle, and feel healthier. Good luck!

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