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6 Cute Ways To Decorate Your Apartment On A Budget

Decorating your apartment doesn’t need to break the bank.

Goodbye mom and dad, hello a place of your own. Whether you are getting ready to move into your first apartment or tenth, we can all relate to the struggles of decorating an apartment on a budget. Sometimes our bank accounts and our tastes don’t exactly add up. But what are some fun ways you can start to decorate your apartment without breaking the bank? I have some ideas for you to try!


One of my favorite things to use in my home is crates.  You might say I’ve been a crate junkie since college.  I like to buy unfinished wooden crates at Home Depot or Walmart and stain and gloss them. They are great for stowing away things under a coffee table, or you can even make a coffee table out of them like what is shown in the photo below.  Crates can become cute bookshelves that can be rearranged in so many different way.  You can even change the look of your apartment when you want to move stuff around just by rearranging your crates. There are endless ways to use this decoration to your advantage.


Canvas Paintings

You can find cute canvas paintings at Walmart in the craft section or take a painting class and let the instructor walk you through making your very own piece of art.  These classes are fun and inexpensive.  Why not take a class with a friend?  In about 2 hours or less, you will both walk away with your own pieces of artwork that you can display in your apartment.

Another great option is checking out a TJ Maxx or Kirkland’s store. These stores have a great selection of small and large canvases or scripted writings that you can display around your apartment. Not the most artistic person? Why not ask an artistic friend to create a painting for you? And you can never go wrong with perusing canvases on Etsy, either.


Removable Decals

You can find so many cute decals that will not adhere permanently to your apartment’s wall, so it’s safe to put up without your landlord’s approval. And the best part of decals? The price! Most of these can be easily purchased at a Walmart or a craft store for $5 or under.



A floor length mirror can make your room look larger than it really is. Or how about buying several small mirrors to arrange at eye level for an artistic touch?  You can find mirrors fairly cheap new at most stores like Walmart, and also don’t forget those garage sales and flea markets.apartment


With your landlord’s permission, a coat of paint can do wonders for your interior. I like having a bold colored wall with complimentary colors on the other three walls. Sometimes, landlord’s will even supply the paint if you are upgrading the look of their building. It doesn’t hurt to ask.  A new coat of paint will make your apartment feel like your own place.



Live foliage can do wonders for the look of your apartment. Plants also can help with your air quality. There are so many choices to choose from at your local greenhouse, but also remember stores like Walmart have seasonal flowering plants, such as amaryllis bulbs that you can plant inside around Christmas, lilies around Easter, and all kinds of perennials and annuals in the spring. A plant can improve the mood of your apartment and create a calming effect.


So there you have some ideas for decorating your apartment on a budget.  You are only limited by your imagination of what you might find out there.  Happy shopping and remember to have fun!


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