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6 Different Ways To Talk To Your Baby Over A Baby Monitor

So now that you have a 2-way baby monitor, you can not only hear your baby’s every movement, but you can also communicate with him or her.  There may be times when your little one is falling asleep or just waking up, and you want to talk to each other before seeing each other face to face.  I’m going to give some ideas of things to say to your baby over a baby monitor.  I hope that this sparks you to be creative and think of things to say and ways to communicate to your baby over a baby monitor.

Ask Your Baby Questions

It’s fun to ask babies questions and hear their responses.  Here are some ideas of questions to ask your baby over the baby monitor:

Is (insert baby’s name) awake now?  Is my sweet boy sleeping?  Is my sweet boy awake?  What’s your name?  What color is the sky?  Where’s mama?

Let your imagination run wild when asking questions.  Depending on your baby’s age, the responses you get may just be babbling or the beginning of real words.

Tell Your Baby A Story

If you are doing dishes and you can tell your baby isn’t quite asleep yet for his or her nap, you could tell a story over the monitor.  You could do this same thing if your baby just woke up.  Tell him or her the story of The Three Little Pigs, or maybe an original made up story inserting family names.  Include pet names for fun. You could say something like,

“There once was a little girl named (insert your baby’s name), and she lived with her mama and daddy and her little brother (insert name).  They all loved each other.  They had a dog named (insert name).

Ok, you get the gist of it.  Have fun and use the monitor as a device for telling stories.

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Recite the Alphabet

Sing your baby the alphabet song over the monitor.  If you hear silence, it may mean that your baby is listening intently and wants you to sing it again and again.  Or maybe your baby has fallen asleep.  A video monitor will show you if he or she may have drifted to sleep.  Or maybe your baby will try to recite the alphabet song back to you.  Praise all efforts, even if your child can’t use the correct letter names yet.

Sing Your Baby A Song

Sing a lullaby or a favorite song of yours to your baby over the monitor.  If you pause and listen, you may even hear your baby singing back to you.  The words will not be as important as the tone of your voice and joyful singing.  If you can’t think of a song, how about “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” or another classic nursery rhyme.  Depending on the age of your child, you may even want to encourage your child to sing along.

Recite Nursery Rhymes

Nursery rhymes are wonderful to recite to your baby.  The rhythm of language can be so fun for babies to hear.  It will greatly help their language development.

Carry On A Conversation With Your Baby

Simply talk to your baby over the baby monitor.  Be yourself and say hi to your baby.  Ask how she or he is doing.  Ask if he or she is happy.  Simply try to carry on a conversation with your baby.  You might also want to say things like, “Time to go to sleep now. Night, night sweetheart.”  Be yourself and talk to your baby like you would talk face to face.

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Final Thoughts

There are no rules for how to talk to your baby over a baby monitor.  Be yourself and have fun communicating with your baby.  I’ve given some ideas such as singing, reciting nursery rhymes, telling a story, asking questions, and reciting the alphabet.  Talking over a monitor may allow you to get a few chores done while actively interacting with your baby as they get ready to nap or as they wake up.  Have fun. I hope you come up with some more of your own fun ideas for talking to your baby over a baby monitor.

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