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6 Fun Things To Do The Morning of Your Wedding

It’s your big day:

All the months of planning have added up to the next sixteen or so hours – and if you’re not careful, it’ll be over in a blink of an eye without you being able to stop and enjoy yourself.

It’s for this exact reason that fun-filled wedding day mornings are becoming the norm. It’s too late to do any additional planning; the balls are in motion – so a bride deserves to completely relax, enjoy being with her friends – and get ready for what’s probably going to be one of the biggest days of her life.

We’ve put together six great ideas that’ll help you relax, enjoy your morning and have you all set for your special day!


Make A Getting-Ready Playlist

Whatever happens in the morning, there’s still likely to be a lot of make-up, hair-styling and getting dressed time still to come, so why not get together with the people who are sharing your morning to put together an unbeatable wedding day playlist to accompany the preparation?

A phone, a music streaming service, and a Bluetooth speaker are all you need to add a big dose of atmosphere and fun to your morning – and you can save the list of songs, so you can be reminded of your wedding day joy when you’re back to real life further down the line!


Have A Luxury Breakfast

Your nerves might be getting the better of you and telling you that you don’t need to eat – but if you want to be on top form for the day, it pays to make sure you’ve got something that’s going to keep you going until meal time.

Why not gather up your nearest and dearest and head somewhere unforgettable? Laughter is one of the very best ways to calm your nerves – and there’s no better recipe for fun than getting your favorite people gathered around the table together.

wedding morning



Get Pampered

If you’d like to do your wedding day morning in absolute style, you could book yourselves in for some treatments at a spa or salon close-to or located in your pre-wedding accommodation. Perhaps a soothing massage would ease the tense muscles that have come from months of anticipation – or maybe a rejuvenating facial would brighten you up if you’ve struggled to rest the night before!

There’s a lot to be said for just stopping and letting someone work their magic on you-you might have been rushing around like a headless chicken for the last few days, but when you’re on a massage table, you’ve got no choice but to unwind!


Raise A Toast

If it’s Dutch courage you need before your vows, then finding a venue that’ll serve some early morning bubbly might be just the ticket for you and your wedding entourage. If you’re getting married in a venue like Cardiff’s Chapel 1877, you might even get away with pretending you have one last look over the venue to make sure everything is in order before you show up for real.

“The bottles of Prosecco were open and poured when we arrived – it would have been such a shame to have just let them go to waste!”


Wake Up Somewhere Special

Sometimes, the very best way to unwind is to wake up somewhere that’s far enough away from everything else that’s happening during the day, so you’ve got no choice but to relax and enjoy the people who are around you.

Might you like to book a hotel for you and your nearest and dearest? Or perhaps going a little less conventional could be the way forward? Would a luxury apartment be just what you need? Perhaps even a log-cabin somewhere serene? The possibilities are only really limited by your imagination!


wedding morning

Do Something Physical

Relaxing means something different for everyone. For every person who thinks a luxury treatment is the way to unwind, there’s someone else who’d like nothing more than to be up with the dawn chorus and out with their running shoes on.

If your wedding party aren’t keen on joining you on a run, then perhaps everyone taking a dip in a luxury pool somewhere would be more to your liking? An energetic workout can burn off those pre-wedding nerves in the pool, while those keen on relaxing can spend some time in the sauna or spa instead.


Watch The Time!

Whatever you do with your morning, make sure you’ve got some alarms set that alert you when it’s time to start preparing hair and make-up! If there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that your wedding day will be over before you know it – so keeping track of time means no panicking family as your other half watches the seconds tick by while they stand at the altar! Good luck and we hope you have a great morning of your wedding!


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