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6 Practical Steps To Take When Looking For A New Job

Why stay at a job you hate?

You’ve been at your job for awhile now, and you are confident that it is time to leave. For one reason or multiple reasons, you just can’t stand the work environment you are apart of any longer. So, what are the next steps you should be taking? How can you leave a job you’re less than fond of gracefully? Today we have the tips to answer all your questions about what to do when it’s time to leave your job.

Update Your Resume

Never, and I mean never, quit a job you have until you get another one. Of course, this isn’t a hard and fast rule. If there is something that is harmful or unethical that is happening at your company, by all means, get out as quickly as you can. But, I think we can all agree that most of the time you can wait it out until you get another job.

As you are getting more and more frustrated with your job, be updating your resume and sending it to future employers each night It might take you awhile to find another job, so don’t get discouraged if this process takes longer than you expected. It is much easier to do this now, while you still have money coming in, then when you are wondering how to pay for rent.

Keep Your Head Down

Just because you don’t like your job, doesn’t give you a reason to treat your colleagues or your boss poorly. Try to be kind and polite to everyone around you. You don’t want to burn any bridges as you leave this company. You want to leave with your pride and dignity still very much intact.

Keep Working Hard

Don’t stop doing your job just because you are looking for another one. For all you know, it might take you a year to find a new job. You never know how much longer you are going to have to stay. Also, shows good character to keep working hard. Your company is still paying you, so you should still be giving them your best.

Don’t Smack Talk

I know that it can be easy to complain about your company online or talk to a colleague at work, but I would caution you against this. Once again, you don’t want to burn any bridges, and you have no idea who your negative words can get back to. When you need to get it out, talk to your family and trusted friends, who are not connected to the company and won’t be able to report your words to anyone.

Give Them Time Before You Leave

Once you get another job, it can be easy just to hand in your two weeks notice and walk out the door. But, work hard for those last two weeks. Put in your best effort until you leave. That way, no one will be able to say anything negative about your work performance. Don’t just quit, give them the time they need to try to find your replacement.

Live And Learn

There has to be a reason that you are leaving the job you are currently at, so make sure that you aren’t looking for positions that are exactly like it. Make sure that you assess each company you are applying to correctly, so you can be sure you aren’t getting into a similar situation.

As you can see, there are a lot of unfun things you have to continue doing until you get another job. But, develop your character and work ethic during these challenging times, and I guarantee you will be a much more valuable worker in the future.


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