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6 Things Men Actually Care About On Their Wedding Days

You may think that your husband-to-be cares very little about your approaching nuptials. But, you couldn’t be further from the truth. This week we scoured the internet to find the things that men care the most about on their wedding days. So, ladies, you might want to ask their opinions in these areas.


Many men reported that they care a great deal about how the photos turn out on their wedding day. Which makes sense, you want to have excellent photographs that you can look back on later to remember your big day. With so many people trying to be photographers now, it might be a good idea to test out a couple of photographers. Or, check photography websites with your husband to be. Yes, you want to look good in your pictures, but so does he.

When You Walk Down The Aisle

It was so sweet to read how many men care so much about that magical moment. That you walking down the aisle towards them is something they’ve dreamed about since they were little boys. This is the first moment that they get to see you all dolled up, and they care. So, all that money spent to get your makeup and hair done professionally might be worth it.

The Reception

Though the actual ceremony might be a little more tedious, most men cared about what happened at the reception. It’s a huge party to celebrate your marriage, and all their friends and family are there. So let them in on how you are setting up the room, what DJ you are hiring, and make a playlist of songs you both like together. He wants to get down just as much as you do.

The Food

Let’s face it; men like to eat. Make sure that you weigh their opinion on what they would like to see served at the wedding. And you don’t want to deal with a hungry groom on your wedding day, so make sure it’s something you both like. Also, ask them if they want cake or another type of dessert. They may want that cake stuffing ceremony and would be upset if you just took it out without consulting them.

The Get-Away Car

Most men love cars. And most women could care less. Why not give him some wedding responsibility and let him pick the car you drive off to your honeymoon in. We have some tips for great get-away cars here.


Ok, so this one might be a bit of a stretch, but men do care about the colors they will be wearing on the day of the wedding. It’s essential to run this by your groom before you declare your wedding colors pink and yellow and he hates both. Also, think about the colors that are going to look the best on him, his groomsmen, and your bridesmaids. Not just on you.

As you can see, he might not care that much about the plates and drapes you picked out for the registry, but there are still lots of opinions he wants to contribute to the wedding. Give him chances to voice his opinion. Marriage is all about communication, so make sure you don’t lose that during your wedding planning.


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