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6 Tips For Introducing Your Man To Your Family

Are you ready for him to meet the parents?

With the holiday seasons quickly approaching, if you are in a serious relationship, now might be the perfect time to introduce your man to your family. Though this can be super intimidating, it is also a necessary step that you must take to further your relationship. And if you love him, they are going to want to love him just as much. So, take a deep breath to shake out the nerves, and listen to our tips to help make this situation not so scary.

Plan A Time

Half the battle around the holidays is just finding a time that would work well for you, him, and your family. Note that it doesn’t have to take place on Christmas or Thanksgiving, but we all know that many families get together before or after those holidays take place. It’s important that he can see and meet your family, while still making time for his own since you aren’t married yet. And, you most likely will be meeting his family as well, so give equal time to both families.

Dress The Part

You know better than anyone the clothing that is acceptable for your family function. So don’t keep your partner in the dark. Tell him plainly what he should wear, and make sure you have time to go shopping if he needs something a little fancier. In my opinion, it’s always better to be a little overdressed than underdressed.

Prep Your Man

Do you have a crazy uncle who will pepper him with odd questions? Or a grandma who he needs to show some special attention to? Tell him those things. If your relationship is getting more serious, that means that he might be looking to join your families together. He needs to get to know your real family, not the one you wish you had. So, be honest and prepare him for the worst-case scenarios that could arrive. Also, let him know things he shouldn’t bring up. Like family secrets, couples that are divorced, politics, or religion.

Don’t Overwhelm Him At First

Maybe your family lives far away, so he can’t meet your mom and dad before you unleash the whole clan on him, but hopefully not. I would start with just introducing him to your parents or the family members closest to you before you plunge him into your entire family’s Christmas. Especially if your boyfriend is a little more introverted, it might be a good idea not to scare him off too much.

Act Normally

I know that you may be nervous about what your family will think about your new man,  but he is also very nervous, and your family is worried too. It can be a significant change to introduce someone new to your family, especially someone you want to stick around for a while. But, try not to make things more awkward than they need to be. Remember, if you don’t act strangely, they won’t respond strangely.

Do Something During It

It is always a good idea, kind of like when you are on a first date, to keep yourself busy while you are getting to know each other. Sometimes meeting the parents for the first time over a quiet dinner can be much more awkward than if you just met up for a walk. Be careful about how formal or informal meeting your parents for the first time is. Remember first impressions tend to stick.

In conclusion, the only thing you can be in this situation is yourself. Show your family the man who captured your heart, and I can assure you that they will see the good you see in him too.



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