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6 Tips For Picking Out A Mother Of The Bride Dress

Look beautiful on her big day.

Though your wedding can be one of the most important days of your life, it can also be one of your mother’s most important days as well. Your parents are thrilled and so excited to see their baby girl walk down the aisle, and they may be nervous about what to wear. Today we are giving some dress tips to those mother of the bride’s out there.

No White

I think that this is a rule of thumb that any wedding guest should follow. Because white is the color of the bride’s dress, you don’t want to look like you are trying to upstage your own daughter. It is fine if your dress has some parts of white on it, but it needs to be mostly another color. This is her day, not yours.

Ask The Bride

Hopefully, you and your daughter have similar fashion taste. Because you helped her pick out her dream dress, she can help you find something to wear to her wedding. Talk to her about what she would like to see you in, and if she has any suggestions in mind. Take her shopping with you so that you can pick out the dress together.

Think About Location

Is it going to be an indoor or outdoor wedding? If it is going to be an outdoor wedding, you might want to wear a cooler dress. Also, consider the time of year that your daughter is getting married. You would wear something entirely different for a winter wedding; then you would in the summer. Even spring and fall have different colors and dress codes. Also, with the location, consider if this is going to be a destination wedding. If your daughter is getting married on a hot beach, make sure that your dress is comfortable and cool.

Consider The Wedding’s Color Palette

In the wedding photos, you are going to want to blend in with the wedding party, not stick out like a sore thumb. Consult your daughter about the wedding colors she has chosen and try to pick a dress that matches those colors or works well with them. For example, if her colors are ivory and cranberry, don’t purchase an aqua blue dress. Use your common sense when considering your dress color.

Use Undergarments To Your Advantage

Your daughter isn’t the only one who should look beautiful on her big day. Make sure that you invest in a slip or Spanx if your dress requires that. These might help to smooth out the lines in your body and make you feel more comfortable as you move. Not to mention, make sure that you don’t have any visible underwear lines when you are wearing the dress.

Be Comfortable

This is your daughter’s wedding day; you want to make sure that you can enjoy yourself. And it’s hard to enjoy yourself if your dress is too tight, hard to move in, or uncomfortable. Make sure that you pick a dress that you can dance the night away in. Everyone is going to have more fun if you are enjoying yourself.

As you can see, there are so many ways that you can make your daughter and yourself happy with your dress choice on her wedding day. Her wedding day is going to be such an extraordinary time, and it won’t have anything to do with what you’re wearing.

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