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6 Tips And Tricks To Dressing Your Newborn Baby Girl In Style

Who says she can’t come out of the womb being stylish?

Now that the hard part of labor is over, all you are going to want to do is dress your baby girl for the first time. There are so many cute outfits out there to choose from. All of those adorable pink dresses with bows and frills are going to be hard to resist.  In addition to shopping for cute outfits, here are some other things to consider when shopping for your little princess.

Think Comfort

The biggest thing you will want to dress your baby for in the chilly months to come is for comfort and warmth. If your child is happy, cozy, and comfy warm, you will be happy to. A baby who feels comfortable is going to sleep better and be more content. Avoid scratchy tags,  velcro that touches her skin, tight headbands, and appliques that can scratch delicate skin.


Try Shoes, Booties, and Socks

Your newborn is not going to be wearing out her soles just yet, so you can get away with almost any kind of footwear at this stage.  Keep in mind that little fingers love to grab socks and pull them off. Make sure to have booties, shoes, or socks that stay on.  I know many times in my life, I’ve handed a shoe back to a mom in a grocery store line or walking store aisles. I wonder how many moms get home with just one baby shoe on their infant?


Chances are your grandmother dressed your mom in onesies.  They are comfy, easy to put on, easy to wash, and have snaps in all the right places for quick and efficient diaper changes.  Nowadays there are so many cute onesies to choose from.  You can go with the simple cotton white ones, or patterns, or onesies that look super dressy. Either way, this clothing item is a must have for your newborn baby girl.



Your daughter won’t be able to regulate her temperature too well when she is first-born. That’s why hospitals put those cute knit hats on the newborns so quickly.  You have many options for this item of apparel.  From wide-brimmed to keep the sun out, to cozy crocheted hats, have fun with this.




A good rule of thumb is to dress your daughter in the same number of layers that you feel comfortable in. Then bring along an extra blanket in case she gets cold.  Babies can overheat just as easily as they can get cold, so by dressing in layers, this gives you options when you are out and about. It’s easy to take off a sweater or put one on your baby as you see fit without having to change her whole outfit.



Don’t forget about those little hands.  Babies hands can get cold so quickly in cooler temperatures. Mittens seem to work best for keeping little fingers warm.  Gloves are too cumbersome to keep those squirmy fingers in, so it’s easiest to go with a cute pair of mittens for your baby girl’s hands.


These are just some tips on dressing your little girl.  Chances are you are going to have baby clothes pouring in from lots of family and friends over the next couple of months. Enjoy this time with your newborn, and make sure you snap some pictures of her cute outfits!

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