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6 Warning Signs That You Are Dealing With a Groomzilla

Does it get much worse than a dramatic bridezilla?

To answer your question, yes, there is something worse than a bridezilla. What is worse than a bridezilla? A groomzilla. And yes, this is totally a thing. If you are confused as to what a groomzilla is to begin with, watch below to find out the horrifying reality.

Okay, okay, this is definitely a humorous exaggeration. But can you imagine a bride that actually has to deal with this? A groom who complains about anything and everything? Ranging from the cake to the flowers to the guest seating. The list goes on and on!

The first warning sign is denial, ladies. If you continually defend your husband and tell yourself that it is just a faze and any groom would act like this, then you are in denial, my friend. So what are some of these warning signs? Check out below to find out if your husband-to-be falls under the groomzilla category!


1. He is upset that he does not get a “Groom Shower”.

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This is definitely one of the more ridiculous things. If your groom expects to have a groom shower, then insist on him throwing it himself. That is not your problem as a bride and do not let him sway you to do so! You have enough on your plate as is!


2. He refuses to take people off of his list to help condense the guest list.

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When it comes to figuring out who is coming to your wedding and who is not, this can definitely cause some conflict between future newlyweds. But if your fiance is refusing to change any of his, then you definitely have a groomzilla on your hands. Be firm with him and remind him that this is for the both of you, not just for him. And that there will need to be compromise from both of you.


3. He freaks out when his tux does not fit perfectly.

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Just like a bridezilla and her wedding dress, if the tuxedo is not perfect for the groom, he may get a little feisty. Down to the fitting of the tuxedo to the style, if anything is at all wrong with the tux, there is bound to be a hissy fit or temper tantrum. So brides everywhere, do yourself a favor. Do not feel obligated to go with your fiance to his tux fitting. Let the best man handle that responsibility!


4. He hates every single one of your ideas.

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So do yourself another favor. Do not share a lot of your wedding ideas and plans with your future hubby. The more you share, the more likely he will be to hate it or give his opinion on everything. So do not go to him for advice on the bridesmaid dresses, centerpieces, or anything else he would have no knowledge about (but would think he is an expert in it).


5. He will not compromise on the registry. Or anything for that matter.

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Registry shopping can be hard for both the bride and the groom. It can also be really hard for the groom when there are endless amounts of kitchen utensils and bedding and all he wants is the new drill in the hardware sections. If he is being a bad sport about the registry items or is being overbearing about the registry items, tell him to go pick out a few things for his own usage and let you deal with the “boring” stuff.

If they are not compromising on anything that has to do with the wedding, the DJ or the first dance song or the color coordination, it may be time to see your marriage counselor and work some things out. Just saying.


6. He refuses to do any of the work, but he wants it done his way.

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So he is bossy. Obviously. You probably gave him a list of stuff to get done a week ago and he still has not done it. But then when you do it because he did not, he complains about how you did it. So if he is whining about this and whining about that, but is still not getting any work done, this is definitely a sign that he needs to man up and get over his procrastination and laziness problem.

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