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6 Ways To Find The Perfect Night Light For Your Child

Sometimes, toddlers and babies, have a hard time sleeping with all the lights turned off. This is why you should consider purchasing a nightlight for your kids. They offer a subtle light that won’t disturb their sleep. It also makes it easier for you to reach them if they are crying in the middle of the night.

In this article, we are going to offer you some tips so that you find the best nightlight for your baby. When selecting a night light to help a toddler sleep, you need to take into consideration some tips. Read all about them below.

Location of the Power Outlet

Before you choose the perfect nightlight for your baby, you might want to check and see where the power outlet is located in the baby’s room. If it is too close or too far from the crib, it might not offer the best brightness. In this case, you have two options, either you move the crib closer or away from the power outlet, or you select a portable nightlight.

The Color of the Nightlight

It is also important to consider the color of the light before purchasing the nightlight. For instance, it was believed that a blue light is suited for a sleeping baby. On the contrary, researchers suggest that blue light might increase attention and reaction time. This might keep your baby awake instead of helping him or her sleep.

If you want your baby, to sleep better at night, you might want to choose an orange or red light. It was observed that these are the best nightlights. This is because they mimic the sunset. Also, experts mentioned that the babies are used to the color red because they have seen it while they were in the womb.

Nightlight with Timer

Another important detail you should take into consideration is if you want a nightlight with a timer. Nowadays, you can find budget-friendly lights with a timer. You can set the light to be turned on for a certain period until your baby falls asleep. Then, the light turns off, and it helps you save electricity and money.

The Light Globe

Consider the type of bulb you want for the night lamp. Some nightlights have a bulb that can be replaced. On the other hand, some nightlamps need to be changed when the light bulb dies. Also, you need to choose between halogen and LED bulbs. The halogen globe can get very hot while the LED light is a bit more expensive.


Another thing you should consider before buying a nightlight is the brightness. You don’t want to purchase a light that is too bright because your baby won’t be able to sleep and he or she might wake up in the middle of the night because of the brightness.

Also, you don’t want a light that can barely be seen with your eyes opened. This is because it doesn’t offer enough brightness and kids might be scared of the dark. Also, it will be hard for you to check on your baby in the middle of the night if the light is not bright enough.

You can simply check if the light is too bright by turning it on and placing your head where your baby sleeps. Then turn your face towards the light, and if you can see it with your eyes closed, then the light is too bright.

Additional Features

Some nightlights come with additional features that might make your baby sleep better. One of the best features is a music box. Some night lamps come with music boxes included, and they have white noise that soothes the baby. Also, certain lamps have sensors. They can be programmed to turn off after a period,  but when you step into the room, they turn on again.

You should also consider investing in a nightlight that comes with a thermometer. This way you can make sure that the temperature in the room is ideal for sleep. Some nightlights come with light bulbs that can change colors.

All of these tips should be taken into consideration before you decide which night lamp to buy for your baby. You don’t have to pick a high-price lamp with a lot of extra features if you know that you won’t use them. Select a simple yet great nightlight so that your child can sleep better. Best of luck!


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