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6 Ways To Show Your Friends Extra Love This Week

Have you shown your besties the love they deserve?

Let’s face it, being a great friend is tough work. In a culture that is driven by social media, Instagram photos, and memes, we can feel connected to people online when we haven’t actually spoken to them in months. But, having amazing friendships is essential to being a healthy human being. So, how can we be more intentional with our friends this week? How can you show those close friends you have that they matter to you? We have some ideas that you might want to check out below.

Write A Thoughtful Letter

Now, I know that it might be easier for you to send a quick text or Facebook message, but send them something with a little more meaning. I love writing cards and sweet notes to my friends. It is something that shows you care, and it gives them something from you that they can keep forever. Writing it down gives you the opportunity to be more specific about the reasons you love them. And, who doesn’t enjoy picking out extra fun stationary?

Call Them

Texting and SnapChatting can be great, but it doesn’t compare to having an actual conversation. Why not have a Skype coffee date with your best friend? Or, just call someone up out of the blue? No one that you care about is going to be angry or annoyed that you want to talk to them more. They are going to be flattered. Once you speak to them once, try to make this phone call more of a habit. Talking to someone on a regular basis might be the only way you can stay close if you live far away from a friend.

Send Them A Gift

Have some extra cash or want to tell your bestie that you love them? Why not send them a gift? Maybe you just stumbled upon something you know they would like online, or use a site like Greetabl, to send them a cheap and thoughtful gift. Either way, they will appreciate that you thought of them and you’ll get some major best friend points.

Ask Them How Their Day Went

Just sending a simple text with a how are you doing or how was your day can work wonders. You never know when one of your friends had a terrible day and needs someone to vent to. Plus, you’ll get the opportunity to update them on your life as well.

Plan A Trip

If you are someone who is much better in person than through the phone, plan a trip to see your best friends. Talk openly about a time that could work well for everyone and how many days you can commit to this trip. If you are trying to save money, why not visit the city of one particular friend so you won’t have to pay for a hotel. This will allow you to get some incredible friend time, and I am sure you’ll make amazing memories. But, the key is not to think about doing this,  but to do it. By planning enough in advance, you will all have time to make arrangements and save up money.

Ask Them On A Coffee Date

If you are lucky enough that some of your closest friends live near you, go and see them! Ask them if they want to explore a new coffee shop, go to a movie, or try a new restaurant. When you are young and unmarried, it is the prime time to invest well in friendships, so don’t miss out on those opportunities today.

As you can see, there are so many ways to make your friends feel loved and appreciated this week. Take one of these steps today, or try to do all of them. Let us know how these ideas played out in your friendships in the comments below!

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