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6 Easy Ways To Support Breast Cancer Survivors Every Month Of The Year

During October, many people think about scary movies, trick or treating, and falling leaves. But, there is another critical aspect of October that people don’t always think about. October is breast cancer awareness month, so if you’ve seen a ton of women sporting pink, now you understand why. If you are someone who has fought the battle with breast cancer and won, you deserve to be celebrated. In today’s article, we are talking about ways you can get involved during breast cancer awareness month, and help find a cure once and for all.

Know The Signs

The hardest part of breast cancer is that many women are undiagnosed, and could die as a result of not getting treatment early enough. Take some time this week or weekend to properly educate yourself on the symptoms of this deadly disease. And, for extra good measure, get a mammogram. It is always better to be safe than to be sorry.

Wear Pink

Though fall colors are abounding right now, maybe take a different approach to your October style. Sport pink for everyone in your workplace to see. Don’t be afraid to rep a breast cancer pin or ribbon so that people know they can talk to you about breast cancer. Just wearing pink can show women who have struggled that you are supporting them and hopeful that a cure will be found.

Take To Social Media

Show your support online as well as in real life. Maybe post a selfie of yourself when you are dressed in pink, or post a tribute to a friend or family member who has conquered this terrible disease. Or, write that your prayers and thoughts are with the women who are affected by this disease every year.

Give Of Your Time And Wallet

There is no shortage of breast cancer awareness events. Check out if your local high schools, churches, or community centers are planning to pay tribute to this tough disease. Running in a half-marathon or walkathon is also a great way to show support, and rake up donations at the same time. Not only are there so many ways you can volunteer, but there are also plenty of online platforms and organizations that can get your money to the right places. I know that in the crazy lives we lead, it might be hard to find time in our schedules to train for a marathon or volunteer, but we can always give financially.

Support Businesses

There are so many local businesses, cafes, and companies that donate proceeds from the month of October to breast cancer research. So, why not munch on a pink cupcake at the café you enjoy, or donate a bit of spare change after your shopping spree? There are so many ways to give, and this one doesn’t have to feel like you’re sacrificing a lot. But, beating breast cancer for good is going to come from all our donations. No matter how big or small.


Be a listening ear for people who have been affected and hurt by this deadly disease. Take time out of your schedule to listen to their pain, help them through their losses, and encourage them to keep fighting. These women need our support, not just until the end of October.

As October is drawing to a close, I hope that you have been able to show your support for women affected by breast cancer. Remember that we can extend this love and support every day of the week, not just during the fall season.

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