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11 Fun Things For Singles To Do This Weekend

Are you in a season of singleness? It doesn’t matter if you’ve been single your whole life or recently had your heart broken, we all can relate to a time of being single. So put don’t that ice cream container, and start enjoying the gifts that this stage of life has to offer! Are you currently feeling left out during the weekend? Maybe a lot of your friends have coupled up recently, or you’ve moved to a new area, or you’re just bored. Either way, we have a great list of suggestions to get you up and moving this weekend!

Have A Girls Night


Nothing helps to heal a lonely heart more than quality time with your girls. Make a plan this weekend to have a movie night, hit up a club, shop, or go out to dinner. Get a big group of all your friends and spend the weekend gossiping and building each other up. 

 Get A Mani Or Pedi


Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself. Pamper yourself a little bit this weekend and head to your local spa or salon. Have your toes done for summer, nails for every day, and even have a facial while you’re at it.

See A Concert



Summers are filled with fun outdoor concerts and opportunities to see your favorite artists. So look at some of your favorite band’s tour dates and hit the road. It can be super fun to see your favorite artists live, not to mention an excellent way to meet new people.

Read A Book


When did we stop reading and only start skimming everything on the Internet? Let’s return to the lost art of reading this weekend. Go to your favorite Barnes and Nobles, used bookstore, or just dust a book off from the shelf and see where it can take you. Take a screen break and lose yourself in your favorite old story.

Get Some Sun



Why lose out on getting a great suntan? A great way to relax and get some sun is to head to the ocean or pool this weekend. You can spend a day enjoying the best of nature and look better the next week for it.



Have too much time on your hands? Have a heart to help other people? Then why not try to find a place to spend a chunk of your weekend volunteering. Local soup kitchens, Salvation Army’s, and other organizations are always looking for young and willing volunteers. Don’t be afraid to do some extra research to find a way to help out with a more specific cause you’re passionate about.

Take A Shopping Spree


Now be careful with this one, check out our tips to save money if you need too. But don’t be afraid to explore some cute new shops, walk around the mall, or go antiquing by yourself. Some reality therapy could be just what you need to get out of your funk.

Find A New Hobby


Has there been something you’ve always wanted to try? Like tap dancing, or horseback riding, or learning how to do pottery. Now is the time to find what that is.  Don’t be afraid to try something new. It can be a great way for you to meet new people and gain new skills.

See A Local Theater Company


Do you have a local theater company in your hometown or a big city near you? See the latest play or musical this weekend. Live theater is so incredible, and unfortunately a dying art form. Appreciate the finer things in life during the evening.

Go Out To Eat….Alone


I know that we live in a generation where the very thought of being alone makes us squeamish. But, there is nothing wrong with being alone and taking that much-needed break from other people. So take a great book or your headphones and just relish in being alone. Be free from what other people think and just enjoy yourself.

Call Your Family



I’m sure your mom or grandparents would love to hear from you! Catch up with the people who love you the most.

So now that we’ve given you so many ideas, I bet you are just dying to try them out! So why not get in your car and start today!

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