See What Happens When This Woman Tries On Her Wedding Dress After 60 Years


Do you still fit into your wedding dress??

It’s a well-known tradition that women keep their wedding dress tucked back into their closets for year and years after their wedding day is over. Thinking about putting that dress back on one day and fitting into it is something most women can only dream of.

Well, for one lady that dream became a reality. Sixty years after her weddingJanith Goedde still fits into the dress she wore when she married her husband Joe back on May 11, 1957, in Haubstadt, Indiana.

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On April 30th, Janith and Joe simply had a fun little get together with friends and family to celebrate their upcoming wedding anniversary when someone jokingly mentioned that Janith should try on her old wedding dress that had been tucked away in the attic for almost 60 years!

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“She recently lost 40 pounds, and it shows!” the couple’s granddaughter Alison, 23, told HuffPost during an interview. “So after the 60th-anniversary celebration, they went back to their house with a few of the family members. She had the dress in her attic upstairs so one of her kids went and got it and she tried it on.”

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“It was a little tight,” Janith told Good Morning America of the Chantilly lace gown. “I didn’t lose that much weight. It’s still in good shape. It’s still white, and I had it in a plastic bag. I didn’t preserve it at all.”

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Her wonderful husband, Joe stated that after all of these years she looks just as beautiful in it as she did 60 years ago.

“I have been taught so many things about how to love unconditionally from Grandpa Joe and Grandma Jenny. Most importantly is to pray together. They pray the rosary every day after they eat lunch ― it’s so inspiring,” Alison said.  “We are a big and blessed family.” The couple’s granddaughter, Allison, said that her grandparents serve as her relationship role models.

After reading this cute story, to me, it seems like they are a relationship role model to many others out there as well! Here’s to wishing the happy couple a fantastic 60th anniversary and for many more years to follow!!


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