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6 Outfits You Can Wear For ANY Job Interview

Today is the big day; you finally scored that interview with the company you’ve been drooling over. You are well prepped with what questions to ask, how to answer their questions, and whose hand to shake, but what about the most important part of your first impression? Your clothes. So what should you wear to knock their socks off?

The Suitinterview

It is important to consider the type of job to which you are applying.  In this article, we are only talking about jobs for adults. That loosely means jobs that are around 40 hours a week, in a business setting, where you can get benefits, and probably have to pack your own lunch.

So the first thing we recommend wearing to a job interview would be the classic suit. It is always better to dress up for any interview, even if you are interviewing at a company that has a more casual dress policy. By suit, we mean a blazer that directly matches the slacks or skirt you’re wearing. I know that suits can be expensive, but the investment will be worth it in the long run. If you buy a more traditional suit color, like navy, gray, and black; spice it up with a brightly colored blouse underneath or a colorful statement necklace.

The Mix And Match interview

So you don’t have a complete suit? No problem. Try buying a traditional blazer and wearing it with dress slacks or a pencil skirt. This can look just as fancy as the classic suit, but be half the cost. The best part is that you can have multiple outfits if you get a neutral colored blazer.

A Statement Dressinterview

Have a classy dress that is great for cocktail parties or business events? Don’t be afraid to break out that dress for an interview! It can be great to have a modest and more business professional dress to make you more memorable in an interview. Try to buy a dress with a brighter more vibrant color so that you stand out. But, if you opt for that little black dress, try to mix it up with a patterned blazer or statement necklace.

A Sweaterinterview

A very predictable choice of outfit for any interview, especially if you are still in college or just out of college, would be pairing a nice sweater with a pair of slacks or skirt. The only problem with this outfit is that it can only be worn in the fall and winter months, so plan accordingly!

A Sleeveless Blouse interview

Try to look young and fun by wearing a silky blouse with a nice pair of slacks or pencil skirt. Make sure that the material of your blouse is of the same silky fabric that people associate with suit shells, or wear a suit shell. This is a great trend for summer. It can help to try to find a patterned top or a top that ties with a bow to stand out.

Button Downsinterview

So you don’t have a suit shell? No problem, there are plenty of ways you can still look just as professional for half the price. Introducing button downs. These shirts may seem dowdy or matronly, but they can accentuate any outfit and be super cute! Try to pair a “tucked in”button down with a nice pencil skirt or slacks. Make sure that when you are purchasing your button downs, you go to stores that cater to young adults or young women, so that you can ensure that it’s more stylish.

We hope that these tips can help you to feel confident as you walk into any interview! Share your favorite interview outfit with us below!

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