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7 Ways To Include Your Friends In Your New Relationship

So you just got into a relationship? Congrats! We know how exciting it can be when you start dating someone for the first time. Everything is new, exciting; you think they have no flaws, etc. But what about your girls when you get a new man? How can you juggle both while working, exercising, and having down time? You’re in luck; we have the tips to help you with this relationship dilemma!

Give Them Detailsnew relationship

  • When you first enter into a relationship, make sure that all your besties know! Nothing hurts a friendship more than not feeling included.  Also, don’t you just want to gush about how it finally happened? You need to have that moment where you excitedly tell your friends everything that happened. Also, it’s a great way for them to get to know your new boyfriend!

Set Boundariesnew relationship

  • We hope that whoever you have entered into a relationship with, has friends he is also not wanting to neglect. Try to set rules as to times you will be hanging out with friends and when you’ll be hanging out with each other. Talk openly about what you want to put into the relationship, and what you expect your significant other to do with your and your friendships.

Introduce Themnew relationship

  • Include your new significant others with your friends. This will help both your friends and him to feel important.

Have Girl/Guy Nightsnew relationship

  • Set a day every month or every couple of weekends when you have a girls weekend. This means that you’ll only be hanging out with your friends, and not each other. Everyone hates that couple that only hangs out with each other, so don’t neglect your friends. Also, there are things you can only get from girl friendships that your man can’t provide for you relationally and vice versa.

Try To Meet His Friendsnew relationship

  • If you expect him to want to hang out and meet your friends, you need to be willing to put in the same effort. So set aside time to go out with his guys and spend the night getting to know them.

Double-Datesnew relationship

  • Do you have best friends that are also in a relationship? Then why not double-date with them? This is an excellent way to get to know everyone’s significant other better. Do you have any single friends? Ask him to pick a single friend, and you pick one that you can set up on a double date. I’m sure they’ll thank you later.

Put The Phone Downnew relationship

  • When you are hanging out with your friends, be fully present. Don’t be checking your phone to see if he’s texted you or snap-chatted you back, be with them. Spend time truly listening and investing to your friends. I’m sure his text will still be there in an hour.


We know that trying to balance a new relationship with friendships is tough, but don’t despair! We hope that these tips can help you to start to navigate this new season of life successfully!

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