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7 Bachelor Party Ideas That Don’t Involve Strippers

Bachelor parties don’t have to be so gross.

If you are searching the internet for bachelor party ideas, you may be hardpressed to find any that don’t involve some less than tasteful activities.  But, don’t the guys deserve to have a fun time? So, if you want your man to do something that doesn’t involve strippers, then you might want to show him some of our suggestions. They definitely won’t disappoint.

Weekend Getaway

Who says that boys don’t wanna have fun? Take a group of your favorite guys, even some who aren’t in the wedding party, and hit your favorite city or town. Maybe this could be a place that you’ve never been or always wanted to go to, like Vegas, California, or New York City. Have fun exploring new areas and having a great time just with your boys.

Cabin In The Woods

But not too much like the movie. If you are someone who enjoys hunting, fishing, the outdoors, or all of the above, a cabin weekend might be perfect for you. No one has to talk about the wedding, and you can lose yourself on a boat for several hours.

Epic Bar Crawl

Have your buddies take you on the ultimate bar crawl experience. This could be in your hometown, a city you’ve always wanted to visit, or even back where you went to college. Make some new memories at the same bars you’ve always loved going to. Just make sure that you have a designated driver squared away.


Men love to golf, right? If your bachelor party takes place in the summer, spring, or fall, a golfing outing may be perfect. You can let out some pre-wedding steam and then go to dinner and drinks afterward.


Obviously, be very careful with this idea, but don’t be afraid to risk it all just for one night. Heading to a casino can be an excellent option for a bachelor party. Set aside specific money for this night and don’t go over what you said you would spend. Make sure that all the guys coming can gamble responsibly and aren’t addicted.

Paint Ball

Nothing says I love you, like wailing on your best friends. Try to do something active by playing paintball for your bachelor party. If that doesn’t work, other good options include high ropes courses, sports complexes, and laser tag.

The Beach

Why not take a couple of days to drink and lay on the beach with your wedding party? This is a great way to relax, get a tan for the wedding, and get a taste of the honeymoon. Plus, who doesn’t love the beach?

As you can see, there are so many bachelor party options out there that don’t involve losing your clothes or watching strippers. The important thing is to plan something you would want to do, and that your friends would enjoy.

So, escape the pressures and sometimes nagging that comes along with planning your wedding, and have the bachelor party you deserve.

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