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7 Fights All Couples Have Before A Break-Up

Have you been on the rocks with your significant other lately? Wondering if it’s time to cut ties or if you should keep sticking it out? Here are the top couple fights everyone has before they call it quits.

The “Stop Trying To Change Me” Fight

It’s inevitable. We as women love to fix and change our men sometimes. We get into relationships and think “well, they would be perfect,” if they just had this or just did that, instead of embracing them for who they are. Or maybe you feel that your perfectionist boyfriend is trying to change you in an unhealthy way.break-up

How To Avoid This: When you enter into a relationship, don’t think about the ways you want to change your partner. Realize that no person is perfect. If you can’t handle a person’s flaws that are natural to them, then you have no business dating them in the first place.

The “All We Ever Do Is Fight” Fight

Do you feel like you are just at each other’s throats constantly? Then you have probably had the “all we ever do is fight” fight. That is when you are so fed up with your partner that every comment or single word is taken wildly out of context. You even get to the point that you fight about how much you are fighting.


How To Avoid This: Don’t let your pride get in the way. It’s our natural human instinct to want to appear dominant, but realize that sometimes letting something go or ignoring an insult is much stronger than blurting out that witty comment. Take a deep breath and try not to let everything thing set you into a defensive mode.

The “I’m The Only One Putting In Effort” Fight

There comes an inevitable point in any relationship where one party feels like they are putting in all the work. This could be with housework, planning dates, initiating conversations, or just in how much affection they are showing.


How To Avoid This: Know the difference between when you are putting in more effort and when you are just annoyed they aren’t bringing you flowers every day. Have realistic expectations for your significant other that aren’t too much to ask. If you are still feeling less than, talk to your partner about why you feel the way that you are feeling and ask them to improve. All in a calm manner, not by yelling it in their face or getting passive aggressive.

The “You Always Do This” Fight

So you’ve already had the talk about what you need your significant other to stop doing or change…and they’ve done it again. It could be leaving the seat up, forgetting an anniversary, or even cheating on you. If it’s the latter, leave that boy and get yourself a man. If it’s the former, it can be irritating when you have addressed something with someone, and they can’t stop it.


How To Avoid This: First, be very clear about what you need. Clear about what is bothering you that they are doing or what you need them not to do again. Then, offer consequences to that behavior. I don’t mean anything crazy like throwing all their clothes out the window, but a realistic punishment you have if they don’t follow through. Like not playing basketball every week with them at the park. Just remember not to get crazy.

The “We Just Have Different Dreams” Fight

You might be at the point where you are wondering if your life plans even match up anymore. Being similar in relationships can statistically keep your relationship together instead of tearing it apart. It is important that before you enter any relationship, you consider if you could see yourself with this individual long-term. I am not saying you should see marriage bells, but if you think you can already see warning signs, don’t enter into that relationship.


How To Avoid This: Try to see if it’s just an excuse for a bigger issue. Do you have different life goals and plans, or are you just trying to get out without hurting their feelings? Take awhile to think about your own life plans and see if they do match up now and in the future with your significant others. 

The “You Spent How Much” Fight

This can be especially hard if you are living with your boyfriend and he is having trouble coming up with his half of the rent money.


How To Avoid This: Discuss finances if you are in a serious relationship, especially if you are living together. Determine what each other’s spending habits are and if you can live with that. See how much debt they have and if it is manageable. Just be open about your expectations with your bank account and hopefully you can avoid this fight altogether.

The “I Feel Like We’re Roommates” Fight

Has your relationship fizzled? Do you feel more like best friends who occasionally kiss than in a relationship? It can be hard to keep the fire alive when you have been dating or married to someone for an extended period.


How To Avoid This: Keep going on dates with each other. Surprise one another with their favorite food or favorite activity. Talk to them intentionally about what is going on in their lives. Try your best to go out of your way to make them feel valued and important.


We hope that you have enjoyed these memes and our tips for our to avoid these popular couple fights! So take our relationship advice and get back on track!

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