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7 Fun Ways To Get Your Kids To Love Science ( Without Forcing It)

As kid’s first teachers, parents have a critical role in how their children feel about science. An environment that cultivates their natural curiosity will most likely result in a child that is not just interested, but excellent in science. In today’s article we will be going through seven ways to make your kids love science:

Do Not Force Them, Encourage


First things first: forcing them to like science is not going to go well. If you insist on them liking science right away, they will resent your efforts, and they will shut down. This will lead to them no longer being interested in the subject.

They have to discover their love of science on their own. What you can really do as a parent is to let them grow in a house that values science, curiosity, and imagination. Everything else will have to come naturally.

Ask Open-Ended Science Questions And Answer If They Can’t Answer


Children are inquisitive, so you can use this as a starting point for your agenda of making them love science. They like answering questions as much as they love asking them so stroke their interest a bit.

When asking them science-related questions, do not ask the kids questions that can be answered with “what,” “when,” “where,” and “yes,” or “no.” These questions are easily answered. To help their mental gears turn, you are better off asking questions that are answerable with “how,” “what if,” or “why.”

Do Science Experiments At Home


There should be a time for kids to move from just vague concepts and theories to actual practice. Experiments are good ways to do this. Of course, they are still children so you have to pick out experiments that will be easy for them to understand. These experiments should not involve harmful substances so that there will be no danger to their health.

Doing experiments contributes to experiential learning. It helps them realize the real-life consequences of the things that are being taught to them.

Arrange A Trip To The Zoo Or Museum


Kids usually start loving science because of animals. This is something that parents may want to take note of. Studies show that exposure to animals help children understand the value of general science and conservation. Making them watch pictures and videos of animals are not enough.

Zoos are an opportunity for your kids to be able to see rare animals in the flesh. They can observe the behavior of these animals, and this could lead to an affinity for psychology and behavioral science when they grow up. The great thing about zoos is that there is something for almost everybody so even parents will be able to enjoy themselves.

Watch Science Documentaries Together


You may think that watching documentaries would be boring for children. However, that really is a matter of choosing the right documentary film. Choose something that is simple enough and not too heavy on narration. But even then, children do not really listen to the narration and instead focus on the visuals.

Children generally like watching films that have a lot of color and movement. You can choose documentaries about marine life or anything animal-related. With curious kids, the sight of animals on the screen will be fascinating.

Sign Them Up To A Citizen Science Brigade


If you have already established a foundation of science, it may be time to have them do regular practical experiences in the scientific field. Citizen science brigades are an ideal choice for this as they will be helping out actual scientists with their fieldwork. They can assist the scientists in collecting data and observing scientific phenomena. The scientific fields that they will be engaging in can range from anthropology to zoology, making it a sensible learning platform for your children.

Sit Through Science Fiction Movies


Science fiction, of course, is not a branch of science. That should be established with your child before you watch a movie. But what is interesting about science fiction is the questions it poses. It fuels their investigative side and helps them imagine another world where science makes what is in the movie possible. What if people can breathe underwater? Why do we no longer have dinosaurs? A lot of things can be unpacked in these movies.


These are some useful and fun ways to make your kids learn science subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology and more. If you have a background in these subjects, you can easily teach some basics of these subjects, and they should enjoy learning science. If you don’t have enough time, you can assign a physics, biology or chemistry tutor(click here to find tutor now) to do the job for you. If you want your kids to excel in scientific subjects, make sure you do things to make life easier for them as early as possible in their life. I hope that you have a great time learning and experimenting together!


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