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7 Items To Check Before Booking Your Wedding Venue

Don’t sign on the dotted line just yet.

Newly engaged? One of the first items on your wedding to-do list might be to secure your wedding venue for your big day. Unfortunately, this is one of the hardest and most important decisions of the whole wedding planning process. Today we have organized a list of some things you need to consider before you book that wedding venue.

Number of Guests

Think about how many guests you will be having at your wedding.  This will help you determine the size of the venue that you will need. You don’t need an exact number, but now is a good time to estimate before you pick your venue.


How much can you spend?  There are plenty of wedding venues out there for those with more expensive tastes and for those who prefer to keep things more casual.  How much you can and are willing to spend will play into where you have your wedding.  Keep your options open and think about what you are willing to give and take on. If a huge wedding is important to you, maybe a local park or beach front with a pavilion will work better than a fancy restaurant.

Wedding Date

If you are set on a venue, are you willing to change your wedding date?  It’s good to pick and book a venue early while you are still deciding on the date. That way you have some give and take on the date and venue.  Your first choice venue may be available the week after your initially planned wedding date.  By being willing to change the date, you may get what you want.

All Inclusive Venue

Have you thought about an all inclusive venue?  If you have family and friends coming from afar, they will need a place to stay. Possibly a hotel or resort for the whole wedding event is your best option to meet everyone’s needs.  Guests can stay right where the wedding will be held.  Where I live, people often have weddings at mountain resorts or ranches.  With being far away from a city, this makes it easiest on guests.  Often, the ceremony, reception, and place where the guests will be spending the night are at the same place.  It makes it less stressful and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Food and Drink Quality

The biggest chunk of your budget is probably going to go towards food and drinks.  Make sure to taste test the caterer or venue’s food and beverage choices. Don’t make the mistake of assuming it will be great just because you are paying a lot for it.

Special Requirements

Make sure the venue will meet the needs of you and your guests.   Are any of your guests disabled?  If so, make sure the venue has ramps and restroom facilities that will meet their needs.  Does your venue offer vegetarian options for the vegans on your guest list?  Think about specific needs you and your guests may have and make sure the venue can meet those requirements.

Put Down Your Deposit

If you are confident you’ve found your place, put that deposit down.  Get confirmation and a receipt in writing.  Nothing would be more frustrating then thinking you have a place via word of mouth, just to find out that someone else booked it.  Venues have to make a living and will consider the paid bookings concrete.  Let’s face it.  Many couples keep options open and say they love a place and then they visit 20 more places.

I hoped these tips help you in your search for your perfect wedding venue.

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