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7 Tell-Tale Signs You’re The Mom of Your Friend Group

We all need to have a mom in our friend groups.

The mom of any friend group is the essential oil or glue that keeps the group together. By that I mean the person who holds your hair when you’ve thrown up, makes sure you get a flu shot in college, makes your bed, etc. So, if you think that you might be the mom of your friend group, what are some tell-tale signs?

You Love To Sleep

You are constantly criticizing your friends for always going out so late. After all, what good comes from things done after 9’0’clock.? Your idea of a perfect Friday night is being in your pajamas and binge-watching some HGTV. Why can’t your friends be the same?


You Stop Your Friends From Making Questionable Life Choices

This is the hallmark of any friend group mom. We all have those crazy thoughts when we have had too much wine, when we’re sad, or when we’re feeling devious, but it’s your job to snap your friends out of this. So whenever your friends want to text their ex-boyfriend, go off with some sketchy guy at a bar, or write a scathing email to their boss, you are right there to stop them. friend

You Plan All The Outings

Actually, you can’t remember a time where one of your friends actually took the reins to plan an event. There is a high likelihood that you have all your friend’s birthdays color coordinated in your planner, so you are equipped with a fun night and birthday card. Nothing brings you more joy than planning nights that delight your friends. And, you are always there to document and take pictures of these awesome moments. You may find it hard to walk into TJ Maxx and not buy random gifts for your best friends. Honestly, every day is like Christmas in your eyes.


They’re  Crazy Responsible

Unlike your counterparts, you actually have your life together. You don’t understand going through a “party phrase” because that never appealed to you. There is a good chance that you spend the majority of every party or bar night tagging along after your friends and making sure they don’t make reckless choices. And there is never any question that you are the designated driver.


Whenever You’re In Trouble, You Call Them First

Sometimes you feel like a part-time therapist, as well as a full-time best friend. Your friends know that they can rely on you for anything, and that you will be there if they need you. Just had a bad break-up with your boyfriend? You’re there with cookies and tissues. Got a flat tire? You’ll be there in 30.


And You Tend To Check Up On Your Friends Like They’re Your Actual Children

By that I mean if any of your friends are going through a tough time, you definitely go all mom on them. You may send multiple text messages to them a day, that will result in a call if left unanswered. Before your friends go out for a night without you, you are frantically texting them to get back to you and tell you when they arrived safely. Don’t even get me started on how you get when your friend is sick.


They Have Their Life Together

Frankly, you have yet to meet someone as organized as you. You somehow manage to work full-time, go to the gym every morning, cook dinner every night, have a thriving social life, and get a solid eight hours of sleep. Not to mention read a book a week. People are always asking you how you do it, but you honestly don’t know how people get through their life not like you. What do you mean everyone else isn’t a slave to their planner?


If you are the mom of the friend group, congratulations! That means that your friends love and value your opinion. They also know they can come to you whenever life knocks them down. So, who cares if you would rather watch The Great British Baking Show instead of heading out to the bar? Share this article with your mom of the friend group today!


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