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7 Things You Should Do Every Morning ( Without Checking Your Phone)

Are you sick of waking up each morning and automatically reaching for your phone? Do you want to spend your mornings being more productive? Now that it’s 2018, aren’t you ready to have a morning routine? I know that getting out of bed and starting the day productively can be a big hurdle to overcome. Luckily for you, we have some ideas to get you started.

Listening To Music/ A Podcast


Instead of waking up to a blaring alarm, why not wake up to your favorite song? Create a playlist for yourself or find one that is already made by Spotify to listen to as you get ready. Pump yourself up with your favorite tunes, and you may be surprised how alert you feel. Also, if you are someone who loves being in the know and learning new things, a podcast may be the perfect way to start your morning. Get your brain working right away, and spend some wasted time each morning doing something more productive.



Are you someone who continually has anxious thoughts or just thoughts swirling around in your head? Instead of starting off your day overwhelmed, take some time just to be still. Journaling can be a great way to get some of those thoughts from your head and transferring them to paper. If writing doesn’t soothe you, try meditation. Put on some relaxing music as you get ready, and just take five minutes to be silent with your thoughts. This will help you to prepare for the day ahead mentally. Just make sure that you don’t drift off to sleep.

Drink Water


Start your day off by being as healthy as possible. Pour yourself a glass of water and give your body the hydration it needs first thing in the morning. It is a way better choice for you than drinking several cups of coffee.

Make Breakfast


Wake up a little earlier so that you can make yourself a real breakfast. And no, that granola bar you normally shove in your mouth as you drive to work doesn’t count. I am not saying you have to become the Pioneer Woman, but make yourself some eggs, pour a bowl of cereal, or have some yogurt with granola. Take some time to slow down and eat a meal before the craziness of the day gets away from you. Plus, eating breakfast is the best way to jumpstart your metabolism.



You know how we are told to read a book instead of looking at a screen before going to bed?  The same is true for the morning. This is a great way to wake up slowly and fill your brain with something good. Just waking up 15 minutes earlier and reading a quick chapter can help you to start your day off on a positive note. Also, winter is a great time to crack open some great books.



Are you struggling to wake up each morning? Nothing wakes you up quite like a great workout. Leave your house and head to the gym, or just set up a yoga mat and exercise in your living room. This is an easy way to get a workout in every day. And let’s not pretend that the struggle isn’t too real to get yourself to work out after you’ve worked all day.

Make A To-Do List


Are you so busy that you can’t keep track of what you need to do or get done each day? Make a plan and put it into action before the day gets away from you. It is helpful to carry a planner around that you can put that sort of information in before you head to work. It may even help to have different sections for work, personal, and family.

I know that morning time can be awful, but remember that we all have to get up eventually. It may help you to realize that even true morning people don’t enjoy getting up, they just accept that they need to a little better than the rest of us. I hope that these tips can help you to start  using your time in the morning a little more constructively!

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