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7 Tips For Making New Friends When You Move

No one likes moving, plain and simple. Have you recently moved to a new town or city? It doesn’t matter if you have just left Mom and Dad’s house, moved in with your significant other, or moved with your family, moving never gets any easier. So how can you make new friends and find community in this time of transition?

1.Put Yourself Out There

It can be easy when you have moved somewhere new, especially if you are prone to be more introverted, to hole up in your house and watch Netflix every Saturday night. But as human beings, we need to be spending quality time interacting with others. So don’t be afraid to put yourself in an uncomfortable position. Go to places that have people, on purpose, and don’t be afraid to start up a conversation. This could be going to classes at your local gym, a local coffee shop, a young adults group at your church, or going to a new bar. No one is going to be offended that you singled them out to try to have a conversation.

2. Connect With People At Work

Even if you are not working at a place that has a thriving young adult community, you can still benefit from getting to know the people you interact with each day. They may know younger people that they can connect you with, or share wisdom on how they found new friendships when they moved to that particular city. And who knows? Maybe you’re new best friend is in the office right beside you.


3. Volunteer

An excellent way to meet new people and help out in your community is volunteering your time. Local charities, Salvation Army’s, and church groups are always looking for individuals who are willing to give up their time on the weekend.


4. Become A Regular

Love to read in cafes, explore new restaurants, or take new workout classes? Find a new place you love in your town and start going there regularly. That will help you to meet other people who have shared interests to yourself.



5. Don’t Forget About Old Friends

Just because you might be hundreds of miles from some of your best friends, doesn’t mean they need to stop being your best friends. Set up regular times to Skype your besties weekly or bi-weekly. Be intentional in reaching out and continuing a relationship with the people from your past town. For more tips, check out our article here!


6. Be Intentional

So once you start making new connections and meeting new people, what do you do? Invite them to hang out of course! Don’t be afraid to be the person who has to initiate the first hang out in a relationship. If you had a great conversation with that lady at the gym, ask her to get a cup of coffee. No one is going to be offended that you want to spend time getting to know them.


7. Be Real

Be true to who you are. Don’t feel like you have to impress people or pretend to be someone you are not to make friends. There are going to be people who love and accept you just the way you are. Make sure that you are authentic and open with the people you are meeting and I guarantee they will return the favor.


8. Social Media Blast

Normally when you move, you tend to tell your friends via social media or change your current location online. By posting that you are moving, this is a great way to assess if you know anyone in the area you are moving too. Make sure to ask if any of your friends know the area or know anyone living in the area that they could potentially connect you to.


It’s important to remember that as young adults, there are plenty of people wandering around feeling like they don’t have much of a friend group. It’s ok to feel that way. But by taking these steps, you’ll be on your way to making many new and lasting friendships. 

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