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7 Tips And Tricks To Overcome Doubts And Make Your Dreams A Reality

As our lives become more busy and hectic, it can be easy to push our dreams to the wayside. When we start having children and supporting our families, you may think there isn’t enough time in the day to do something that brings you joy. You may feel selfish to take time just for yourself.  Today we are going to walk through the roadblocks in life that can stop us from achieving what we’ve always wanted.

No Time

The truth is, everyone has time. But, we might just be prioritizing different things or things that don’t matter. For example, how long do you spend checking Facebook or Instagram or any other social media platform each day? Maybe instead of mindlessly looking at memes for two hours, you can do something else to help you relax. Perhaps it’s carving out time on a Saturday afternoon where your husband takes care of the kids for a little bit. If you are chasing after a dream of opening a business, an Etsy store, or writing a book, a family should help you to accomplish those things not hinder you. You do have time to start this venture, but you might have to give something up in return.

I’ll Neglect My Friends And Family

Though you don’t want to neglect your family, spending a couple of hours apart from them isn’t going to upset them. In fact, it could give your husband the opportunity to bond with your children better. Also, you can prepare in advance for spending some alone time. By that, I mean making a meal in the crockpot or freezing something your family can throw into the oven. I am sure that your family would love to support you, and that your kids are not going to miss you for two hours.

I Will Fail

It is easy when you want to start a new career path, or open an Etsy shop, or do something completely new to be overwhelmed and afraid. But, you are talented. If you have a passion for something, it is not by accident. So, don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game. If you fail, you fail, but don’t use that as a reason to never start.

What If This Changes Everything

So, what if it does? Achieving your dream might change some things for you and your family, but that doesn’t mean they have to be bad things. Embrace this time and this opportunity to accomplish what you’ve always wanted. I guarantee you’ll be able to handle any of the changes and challenges that are thrown your way.

How To Start Accomplishing Your Dreams

Be intentional

Focus on this project just like it was for work or someone else. Give it your full attention and talents. Make sure that you are taking the time you have set aside to make progress and do something. Don’t just twiddle your thumbs, get to work.

Map It Out

Take time to research what you need to do to publish a book or go back to school. Map everything out so that you are prepared for all the outcomes. Once you have a list of what needs to get done, try breaking it into smaller chunks. Then, spend time getting those elements done. I know that sounds easier said than done, but the hardest part is getting started.

Don’t Get Frustrated

Don’t get upset if it takes you awhile to accomplish little tasks or make any progress. Also, don’t be shocked if you get rejected at first, or if it doesn’t work. That doesn’t mean you are a failure. Plenty of talented and inspirational individuals have failed many times before their invention worked or company took off. Go back to the drawing board and try again. You can do this.

In conclusion, you know those dreams you’ve always had that you keep putting off, now is the time to start doing them.

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