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7 Tips And Tricks For Getting That Perfect Picture With Santa

One of the most joyful parts of being a parent is preparing for your child’s first Christmas.  Taking them to see Santa Claus, moving their elf on the shelf, putting cookies and milk out at night; it all gives you such beautiful memories. But, sometimes kids aren’t the most cooperative when sitting on Santa’s lap. And every year that your kids fail to get that perfect picture is another year of missed opportunities. Let’s face it; kids only believe in Santa for so long, so now is the time to get those pictures. But, if you are struggling to get your kids to be good for Santa, it’s time to look no further. We have the tips and tricks to help you get those amazing photos in our article today.

Prepare Your Kids


Hopefully, depending on their age, your kids will be thrilled that you are going to visit Santa. If you have a child that is a little scared or apprehensive, remind them that Santa won’t know what to bring them if they don’t see him. Talk to your kids for several days before you take them to see Santa. Walk them through the general process of what will happen when they get to the mall. Take them through waiting in line, sitting on Santa’s lap, and answering the question of what they want for Christmas. It might be good at this time to even prepare them for a photo opportunity. This might help them to be less fussy when the time comes for the camera to come out.

Don’t Overlook The Power Of A Candid


It can be challenging to get a great picture of your kids with Santa. They may have an odd smile, be fidgeting and not keeping still, or even crying. Try snapping photos throughout the whole time your kids are on Santa’s lap. You have no idea when you are going to capture an exceptional moment.

Time It Just Right


Make sure that your kids are in the right festive mood to see Santa Claus. If you spent the morning controlling tantrums and wiping away frustrated tears, it might not be the best day to see Kris Kringle. Don’t be afraid to delay the day you are going to see Santa if your kids are too tired or not feeling it, or just going unexpectedly if your kids are having a good day.

Go When It’s Quieter


If this is your children’s first time seeing Santa, it might be wise to go during a calmer time. Malls can be so busy during the weekends leading up to Christmas, and it might overwhelm your kids, even more, to be around too many people. Weekday mornings and evenings are usually pretty calm times to see Santa. This can give your children plenty of time to warm up to Santa, and tell him what they want for Christmas.

Plan The Outfit


Since this is most likely a photo that you would want to keep and post on social media, consider what your child is wearing. You may want to coordinate outfits if you have multiple children. Also, be sure to wear something you wouldn’t mind being photographed in. You never know when/if your child might throw a fit and you have to jump in to save the day. Especially if your child is a baby, you most likely will need to go with them when they see Santa.

Be Flexible


Going to see Santa and getting that picture perfect moment is going take a lot of flexibility and patience on your part. Like I stated before, be open to changing the date and time you see Santa. If your kids are not in a place where it’s going to be a good outing for the family, you’re better off just waiting. Be flexible about what your kids wear. I know that you might have an idea in your head about what you see your child wearing, but it doesn’t always end up the way we’d like. For instance, if your child won’t see Santa unless they get to wear their favorite purple shirt, it might not be worth making a fuss about it if you want them to go.

Finally, be flexible about the actual photo. Yes, you want to capture a significant moment with your children and Santa, but it might not turn out like the masterpiece you envisioned. However, Christmas is not entirely ruined. There are plenty of other picture opportunities throughout December. Like on the day of Christmas with your kids around the tree, before the Christmas Eve church service, or even just near Santa Claus at the mall if your kids are all ready to behave. And if you can’t get that photo you are waiting for with your children and Santa, laugh it off. Looking back on some of the Christmas photos my brother and I took with Santa is even more enjoyable when we can make fun of the weird faces or expressions we were making. Sometimes the worst Christmas picture ever can still bring laughter and holiday cheer.

Be Supportive


Your kids are going to be pretty nervous to meet Santa for the first time. Even the most extroverted toddler might get a little weak in the knees. Make sure that they can see you or your spouse while they are with Santa. This is going to put them at ease. They would know that mom and dad are there if anything bad were to happen. Hopefully, because you are there, they will be better at being prompted to take pictures and talk with Santa.

There are so many fun holiday activities to do with your kids with Christmas being just around the corner, but sitting on Santa’s lap trumps them all. I hope that these tips can help your family to get pictures that can be cherished for a lifetime.



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