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7 Ways To Conquer Loneliness When You’re Living Alone

Living on your own doesn’t have to be lonely.

Living alone can get, well, pretty lonely. No matter if you have just moved out from mom and dad’s house, or are leaving a roommate, living alone is an entirely new experience for most of us. However, living on your own is a skill that can help to grow you as a person. Today, we are going to walk you through some tips to help you beat those residing alone blues.

Get Out

Yes, you are going to need some time to detox from your week or work day, but being alone for too long can be unhealthy. Be content knowing that there are going to be times you come home from work and don’t want to look or talk to anyone, and times where you’re going to need to go to the gym or a restaurant to be around some more people. Sometimes just taking a book you were going to read at home and reading it at a café can be beneficial. The point is, if you are feeling lonely, don’t just sit on your couch and continue to feel bad. Take action to get rid of that feeling by heading to the gym, calling your mom, or just walking around the block.

Make Intentional Plans

For most people that live alone, the weekend is the time where you want people around you the most. During the hectic work week, most of us plop down at home and are content to be alone. But, during the weekend, we can start to feel out of sorts if we are left alone for too long. Each week, try to find that balance of having enough plans, but still having time to rest. That is going to be different for each person. Maybe you need to have something to do every night of the weekend, or perhaps you’re content if you just set one coffee date. Early in each week try to make those plans so that you won’t be alone with only your thoughts over the weekend.

Don’t Forget The Power Of Calling

Many of your friends and family may live far from you, so call them up when you get lonely. Though they can’t be there with you physically, sometimes just hearing their voices can make a world of difference. And with apps like Skype and FaceTime, it really is like they are in the same room as you.

Forget Social Media

The hardest part of being alone is seeing that other people are together and having fun without you. So, when you do have a lot of downtime alone in your home, make sure that you say no to excessive social media viewing. It might seem like a good idea to help pass the time, but it is just going to make you feel worse about yourself.

Decorate Well

It’s hard to feel lonely in a beautifully decorated home. Take some of your time when your first move in to make it look the way you want it to. That might mean going shopping to get furniture, painting, or any number of things. Your time may pass by much more quickly when you are working towards a goal. And, once your new apartment or home is decorated to your standards, you’ll be able to welcome friends and family over. For decorating your house on a budget, we have you covered.

House Guests

Be willing and open to having your friends and loved ones crash on your couch. Because you don’t have a roommate, it makes it much easier to house people whenever you feel like it.

Get A Pet

Now, unfortunately, many apartment buildings don’t allow certain animals, so make sure you check with your landlord before you get a pet. But, even if it’s a small fish, it could keep you more company than you realize. Having a pet gives you someone to talk to and come home to at night. Also, by living alone, they have to love you best.

As you can see, living alone doesn’t have to be as lonely as you think. This is a big step in your independence. If you have any more tips to help conquer the living alone loneliness, let us know in the comments below!

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