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8 Alternative Bachelorette Party Ideas For The Tame Bride

Who says you can’t remember all the good times at your bachelorette party?

When people think about being in a wedding party, they think of one thing, the bachelorette party. This is your chance to blow off some steam and have some wild fun with your best friends. But, what if you aren’t that kind of girl? What if you hate the bar scene and want to have a more low-key bachelorette party? Can you still have fun? Absolutely, and we have some perfect ideas you might want to try!

Cabin Getaway

Do you love to be outdoors? Then, why not take your ladies on a fun cabin in the woods weekend. Some fresh air will help to get your mind off of all your wedding planning duties and give you the opportunity to take some great scenic pictures. And, make sure that your ladies BYOB to make the good times even better.

 Tea Party

If you appreciate the finer things in life, a tea party might be just what you need. Go to the nicest tea shop you can find, dress up, and spend the day acting like the royalty you are. Most tea party venues are very classy, decorated nicely, and serve the best food and drinks. This will be a day you won’t forget.

Camping Trip

For those who might want to rough it more than glamping in a cabin, why not take a full-on camping trip with your best friends? You can bring tents, backpacks, and roast plenty of food over a fire. Not to mention, hiking can help you to avoid gaining those extra pounds before dawning your wedding dress. 

The Ultimate Shopping Trip

Who doesn’t love shopping? Instead of spending your money on liquor and strippers, spend it on something a little more lasting. Head to a cute downtown shopping area or complex, and spend the day heading to all the bride’s favorite shops. End the evening with dinner at a nearby upscale restaurant.

Painting With A Twist

This popular trend involves painting a picture while drinking glasses of wine. If painting isn’t really your thing, there are plenty of artsy parties where you can mold pottery, paint vases, and do other crafty girl things.


Is there a city you have always wanted to visit? Why not take a road trip there. Just because you don’t want to go crazy, doesn’t mean you can’t go to one bar or hang out at a new place. Try going to New York to see a Broadway show or Georgetown just outside of DC for some amazing cupcakes. Any city you explore with your best friends is going to be a fantastic time. 

 Spa Day

Spend the day pampering each other and taking the stress out of wedding planning. Get manicures, pedicures, facials, and the whole nine yards. Treat yourself to a little TLC before the big day.


Have you always wanted to go line dancing or take a salsa class? Now is the time to try it! If your girls are down, treat them to a night of dancing on the town. Many bars offer dancing/line dancing with classes for beginners. It could be a great way to have fun with each other and meet some new people.

As you can see, there are so many great ideas for bachelorette parties that don’t involve any drunken antics or illegal incidents. Don’t apologize for wanting a tamer bachelorette party. With any of these ideas, you and your friends are certainly in for a treat!

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