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8 Before And After Pregnancy Photo Ideas You Won’t Want To Miss

Pregnancy is a beautiful yet fleeting moment in many women’s lives. When you are pregnant, it seems like the longest wait in the world to meet your baby. But when you do, you wonder where all that time went. To soak in the moments of pregnancy, one of the best things to do is have a maternity shoot. If you want to take it a step further, before and after maternity shoots are the way to go. Not only do you get to capture the beauty that is pregnancy. But you get a snapshot of the little miracle that comes after. If you’ve got your eyes set on a before and after maternity shoot, here are some tips and ideas to help you capture the special moment.

1. For The Stay At Home Mommas

maternity photo shoot

Get comfortable with this photo shoot because you don’t even need to leave the house. You can pull off this adorable before and after maternity shot in the comfort of your bedroom. The best time to take the before shot is when your about eight months pregnant and can still pull off the “comfortable” pregnancy look. For the after shot, you might want to wait a couple of months after your little one is born so that she can sit up and flash her cute little smile. For an added dose of cuteness, you can add in a sonogram photo. Simply place the sonogram photo on top your belly in the before photo and you are good to go.

2. The Classic Silhouette

maternity photo shoot

This next look is a dashing shot for a black and white portrait. The silhouette allows the focus to be taken off you specifically. Instead, it’s focused on the little miracle growing inside you. To pull off this look, you might want to wait until about month four or five when you are just starting to show a baby belly. This will give you a sleek and slender pregnancy silhouette. For a more dramatic look, you can wait until you’re closer to your due date.

Your growing belly will stand out dramatically. For your after shot, it’s best to snap the photo as soon as possible. The tiny baby in your arms will be a stark contrast from your big belly. This simple before and after maternity photo is one you should definitely consider, especially since it’s very effortless.

3. For The Prepared Parentsmaternity photo shoot

For the parents who have planned everything to a tee. (I’m talking to you first time parents). This next shot is for you. Use letter blocks that spell your little one’s name. (Because yes, I know you’ve already picked it out). And place them on your belly to spell out their name. For the before shot, be sure to take the photo when your about seven to eight months pregnant. Any later, and your belly might be too big to hold the letters up. In the after shot, you can pose with your little one anywhere from the day he was born to six months.

Speaking through my photographer microphone, I suggest that you wait until your little munchkin is at least old enough to hold up his own head so that he doesn’t look like a squashed little bean on your belly. Here’s one final tip. If you are really committed to pulling this look off, then you may want to do it with a name for each gender. Technology has come a long way, but errors in radiology reads still happen.

4. Happy Feet

maternity photo shoot

A cute photo shoot for spring and summer babies is an adorable foot shot. This shot is especially cute if this is your first baby because the attention is solely on the little one. This adorable shot is a strong reminder of the little miracle that has entered the world. Simply place a pair of your baby’s empty shoes between you and daddies feet for the before photo. The after photo is just as seamless and effortless. Just have your little bundle fill their shoes in and snap away. 

To pull off this shot, remember to wear the same sandals, shoes, and clothing in both before and after shots. You want to keep everything the same in both shots, even the location of the photo. This will help keep the focus on your little bundle and will drive home the beauty of your sweet little addition. For best results, you may want to wait about a year to take the after shot. This way, your little one can stand up on their own for the most part.

5. For The Family, That’s In Their Elementmaternity photo shoot

This next shot is perfect for families who already have children. This photo pose allows your little ones to join in on the fun and be part of the special moment. This fun maternity shoot pose allows your family to be in their element as they get photographed. This means that there’s no need to dress fancy or look like you have it all together. 

If anything, the informal presentation required in this photo will allow you to capture a real and quirky moment in your family that portrays nothing but honesty. The nice thing about this shot is you don’t even have to wear the same clothes in the after shot. For those parents who were lucky enough even to find the time to squeeze in a maternity photo shoot, this one is for you.

6. The Play By Playmaternity photo shoot

If you are like me and you want to document every moment of your pregnancy, then this next maternity photo shoot idea is for you. You can break this down by trimester, month, or even day if you have the time or energy. Simply photograph yourself at certain, repetitive times throughout your pregnancy. 

The idea behind this photoshoot is to capture the way your body morphs and changes as you go through the beautiful journey of pregnancy. The key to pulling this look off is by wearing the same outfit in each shot and standing behind the same wall. Just remember to pick contrasting colors if you want to pull this look off. For example, If your wall is white, then aim for dark colors like black.

7. A Little Token On Lovematernity photo shoot

One of the sweetest ways to capture the beauty of pregnancy is literally with a token of your love. If you have a special item that you want to pass down to your little ones like a special blanket or little bonnet, then it’s only right that you include it in your maternity shoot. If you don’t have a special family heirloom that gets passed down, then you can still pull this look off. All you need to do is go shopping.

Find something sweet that is just for your little one that won’t get passed down. Incorporate the special object in your before shoot. When your little bundle is born, have her photographed with it again. The before shot works best when you are about seven to eight months pregnant. And the after shot works best when your baby is as young as can be. The great thing about this look is that whatever token you settle on, it can go into baby’s keepsake box until it’s ready to come out again.

8. Mommy And Me

maternity photo shoot

This next shot is a must-have in any maternity photo shoot. The classic mommy and me shot is a sweet reminder of the love for your little one. You can do virtually any pose for this shot. For a more elegant appeal, you may want to wear an elegant dress or so. If that’s not your style, then your normal day to day clothes work just as well. Just remember to keep the mood light and fun. This effortless shot is easy to recreate, especially since you don’t have to take the picture in the same spot both times.

Final Thoughts

Maternity shoots don’t have to be drab and boring any longer. With all the creative ideas out there, you can find the perfect way to capture life’s most precious gift. Don’t worry about coming across as unphotogenic or bloated. Have faith in your photographer. Most importantly, have fun during your photo shoot. This will be a time you look back on and smile. Good luck! Feel free to share your favorite photos from your maternity shoot in the comments below.

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