8 Binge Worthy TV Shows Perfect For Moms


Whether you get your binge-watching fix from one of the many great shows on Hulu, or you’re more of a Netflix and chillax kind of momma (literally. Because seriously, if you have the time to chill –you take it!). These great shows for moms are a sure fire way to give you an escape for an hour or two. Not only are these the best TV shows for moms to binge watch, but each offers a unique perspective into motherhood that is not only relatable but will have you realizing that the crazy thoughts you have are actually universal. Here’s a list for some of the best TV shows to start streaming today.

1. The Mindy Project

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Got the mom blues? Start streaming this great show show on Hulu today! A day in the life of Mindy Lahiri is like chasing after a rainbow and actually finding the pot of gold at the end. The quirky, trendy, and downright hilarious Mindy Lahiri is an accurate reminder of the ups and downs (mainly downs) of your long forgotten single life. If you’re stressed that you don’t have your ducks in a row, then it’s the perfect time to start streaming the Mindy Project. Mindy doesn’t have ducks, she’s got squirrels. And they’re drunk. After a long day with the kids or a stressful day at the office, kick up your feet, unwind with a tall glass of wine, and channel in your inner diva that is the one and only Mindy.

2. Orange Is the New Black

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If you have ever wondered what your life would have looked like if you didn’t always follow the rules, or decided to sell drugs on the side, or heck, even committed a murder, then flip on your screen for this great show on Netflix to binge watch. OITNB has its fair share of what it means to be a mother behind bars. The nitty-gritty desperation and resourcefulness that the inmate’s display is something that all moms can relate to. Plus, there’s enough disappointment to go around that you’ll feel like mother of the year after watching an episode. No wonder OITNB was dubbed “one of the best shows to binge watch”.

3. Modern Family


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Think your family is crazy? Then you have not met the Pritchett’s. This mockumentary follows three connected families and the hilarious dynamics they bring to the table. Claire and Phil, the epitome of comical cliches, are loving parents to a fireball diva and a tenacious nerd who will either prepare you or make you laugh at the relatability of what it means to raise teenage girls. The vivacious Sofia Vergara will keep you laughing while she finds her footing in her marriage to laid back – and a little too old – Jim. And the third (and perhaps most sane) family, Mitchell and Cam, will remind you that love comes in all forms. It’s clear why Modern Family is one of the best shows to binge watch. After all, it’s a great reminder that sometimes the best moments of family are the ones that are unexpectedly dysfunctional.

4. Grey’s Anatomy

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Whether you are a stay at home mom or a working mom, Grey’s Anatomy is for you. Follow Meredith Grey, the superhero of all superheroes, as she passionately and sometimes annoyingly chases after what she wants both in the operating room and in her person life. When she’s not performing a life-changing surgery, the drama of her overbearing mother is one that we can all relate to, if not with our own moms, then certainly with our mothers-in-law.

There’s drama at every turn and how could there not be? With all the good looking doctors and residents at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital, nothing spells a perfect show to binge watch more than Grey’s Anatomy. Speaking of good looking doctors, McDreamy is just one of the reasons this show is a must when you are looking for an escape. Squeeze in an episode before the kids come home from school, and you are sure to channel in your inner Meredith to muster up dinner and tackle the kids head on.

5. Gilmore Girls

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In a small town where nothing extraordinary ever happens, Lorelai and Rory charm viewers as they go about their lives that just so happen to be filled with sweet joy, happiness, and love that only mother-daughter bonds bring. Even more charming than their cliche small town, Stars Hollow, is the sweet mother-daughter relationship that sees the birth of first loves, first heartbreaks, and the aches and pains of growing up. Follow Lorelai through her bumpy, but infectiously loving road of motherhood as she tries to do the best thing for her daughter all the while standing back just far enough to let Rory make her own path in life. If it’s not on your list already, then you are seriously missing out on one of the greatest shows on Netflix.

6. Thirteen Reasons Why

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Ready for a lesson in parenthood? Whether you accept it or not, Thirteen Reasons Why offers a valuable glimpse into what is going on in the world of your teen. This realistic drama – and yes, the behaviors of the teens are pretty darn realistic –  follows thirteen main characters as they come to terms with the death of their classmate and the hand they each played in her suicide. Whether you have a toddler, teen, or even grown adult child, this show gives moms a glimpse into what the teen years look like in the twenty-first century. This show offers a great opportunity for parents to open the door and have an honest and all too neglected conversation about what it means to go through this school where the demands of reputations and relationships can have life altering repercussions.

7. This is Us

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The fears, joys, and the fallouts that come with falling in love, raising a family, and navigating through one are honestly and brutally portrayed in this hit drama. If you haven’t started already, this is high on the list of best TV shows for moms to start streaming. Sometimes it can feel as though life as a mom is not all that it’s cracked up to be, this show is a honest reminder that it’s ok to feel like that sometimes. We all go through it. Just be sure that before you start binge watching, you have a box of tissues handy on the side – you know, just in case…

8. Jane the Virgin

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If you’re in love with being in love, then this show is a must on your binge-watching list. One of the best TV shows for moms out there right now is Jane The Virgin. Cuddle up with your teenage daughter, or if you don’t have one, cuddle up with your thoughts of what having a teenage daughter would be like, and get ready to fall in love. Follow the quirky Jane as she unpacks being a new mom who was accidentally artificially inseminated by the sister of the handsome Rafael Solano, who just so happens to be the father of the child. Watch Jane balance carrying the child of the heartbreakingly beautiful Rafael with her current relationship with equally handsome and downright sweet Michael Cordero. The whimsical drama will keep you laughing and you might find yourself dreaming about all the shenanigans you got into before having children.

I hope that these TV shows can give you some much needed “you time” this week. So sit back, relax, grab a bottle of wine, and start binging.


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