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8 Creative Tips To Keep Cool This Summer

With the summer temperatures continuing to rise, it’s time to start thinking about creative ways to keep cool and beat the summer heat. With a little time and some creativity with items you probably have laying around the house already, there are endless ways to beat the summer heat. Here are just a couple of my favorite ways to keep cool during the next couple of months.  

1. Coffee Popsicles

Running around after kids is hard. Throw in the summer heat and it’s practically unbearable. This next hack is for all the moms out there who just can’t even. Every morning, when you make yourself a batch of coffee, be sure to make a little extra that you can freeze in popsicle molds.

When it gets too hot outside, and you feel your energy draining, sneak out a coffee popsicle to refuel. Your kids don’t have to miss out on the popsicle fun either. Sneak in fruits and even green vegetables into their diet by creating your own popsicles to freeze!

2. Wear Cotton

You will want to put away your leather pants this summer if you’re going to beat the summer heat. Stick to cotton when it comes to your wardrobe choices. Cotton is breathable and will help keep you cool if you want to avoid overheating and getting sticky in your clothes. While you are at it, you will want to stay away from synthetic materials such as polyester, acrylic, and nylon too.

These materials are not natural and can lock in moisture as opposed to letting it out. Although polyester can be great for traveling because it’s practically wrinkle proof, the synthetic material can be abrasive and uncomfortable in the summer heat.

3. Water Trampoline

You don’t need to go to the water park to have fun and beat the summer heat. Cool off at home with a water trampoline instead. All you need is a trampoline, a water hose, and a sprinkler attachment. Simply screw the sprinkler attachment onto your hose. Then, place the hose underneath the trampoline. Turn on the water and get ready to have some summer fun. Cool off as you jump, or simply play on your makeshift slip n slide to keep cool these next couple months.


4. Sponge Fight

Grab yourself a big tub of water and some sponges and get outdoors. A creative way to beat the heat this summer is by having a water sponge fight. A water sponge fight is a creative twist on your traditional water balloon fight. All you need to do is get your hands on some sponges (the softer and bigger they are, the better) and some water.

The concept is pretty simple, dunk your sponge so it can soak up as much water, then throw your sponge at the opposing team. This water balloon alternative is great because not only will you save your lawn from littered plastic balloon remnants. But you can grab some great reusable sponges at the dollar store for dirt cheap.

5. DIY Water Sprinkler

Sprinklers are a great way to have fun and beat the heat during the hot summer months. If you don’t have a sprinkler system or sprinkler attachment at your disposal, you can still beat the heat with this simple DIY remedy. For this activity, all you’ll need is a hose and a two-liter soda bottle. Simply take your two-liter soda bottle (be sure to take off any wrapping first) and poke about ten holes on the top. 

You want the holes to be in pairs so that you end up with two columns of five holes each. Once you have your holes ready, you can start attaching your soda bottle to your water hose. To do this, you will need to use some water resistant tape or extra wide electrical tape. If you want a more permanent fix, you can tape a screw on the nozzle to the end of your soda bottle so that you can easily screw on the soda bottle to your hose.

Once you have your DIY soda bottle sprinkler screwed onto your hose, you are ready to turn on the water and have some fun. Just be sure to check your sprinkler now and then to make sure that your sprinkler system is tightly secured.

6. Portable Fans

This next trick is for all you moms out there with little ones in tow. When you drive around during the summer, you are bound to experience the wrath of the summer heat that gets trapped inside your car. It can be overwhelming to make sure the car is cooled while you drive around with your kiddos, especially since it takes some time for the air conditioning to reach the back seats. The good news is, there’s a simple trick to remedy the problem. All you will need is a small portable battery operated fan. 

These fans can be found in nearly every grocery store during the summer. If you luck out, you might even be able to snag one from your local dollar tree. Attach the fan in front of your little one’s car seat. You can even attach it on a headrest that is facing them for an additional cool breeze that is sure to reach them. This tip works especially well with kiddos who are still in rear-facing car seats.


7. Ice Cube Necklace

For your next outing in the summer heat, don’t forget to leave the house without your ice cube summer necklace. This a great way to keep cool especially if you have little ones who can easily get overheated in the sweltering heat. For this creative way to keep cool during the summer, there are a couple of different ways you can do it. The first way is by getting a kids sized pair of pantyhose and twelve reusable plastic ice cubes. The colored reusable plastic ice cubes work well for this accessory because it will add a pop of color.

Simply place a plastic ice cube inside the pantyhose, tie a knot so that the reusable ice cube will stay in place. Then add another reusable ice cube and then tie another knot. Keep doing this until you create a chain of ice cubes that is long enough to tie together and wear as a necklace.

Be sure to pop your necklaces in the freezer so that they can stay cold until you need them. The colorful plastic will shine through the pantyhose and will keep you fashionably cool during the summer heat. For the little ones who don’t mind getting a little wet, you can substitute the reusable ice cubes for actual ice cubes.

8. Use A Hot Water Bottle To Keep Cool

This next tip takes a spin on the hot water bottle. Instead of filling your hot water bottle to keep you warm at night, fill up your hot water bottle to keep cool instead. Several hours before you go to bed, fill up your hot water bottle with water and place your hot water bottle in the fridge or freezer and let it get cold. When you go to bed, pull it out and place in between the sheets near your feet. The cold air from the water bottle will help keep you cool at night.


Final Thoughts

Although the summer heat may be here to stay for a couple of months, you don’t have to suffer through it entirely. Use these tips to keep cool, and you are sure to have fun all without melting yourself to death.

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