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8 Cute Ways to Tell Your Significant Other You Are Pregnant


If you are not pregnant and are reading this, I am terribly sorry, but I just assumed you were pregnant because this is an article for pregnant women.


It’s all so exciting, isn’t it? You get to carry life inside of you for the next however many months. That’s incredible and terrifying all at the same time, I’m sure. And this momentous occasion in your life definitely needs to be special when you tell your significant other!

Okay, the truth is, you could totally just sit them down and be real, and say, “Honey, I’m going to have a baby.” But where is the fun in that? This is a time when you can get creative and have a blast with it! It is also a great time to catch your honey’s reaction on film and cherish that face for a long, long time. So take some of our suggestions into consideration when you are thinking of how you want to tell your other half that you are pregnant.

1. Sweet Treats!

What husband or boyfriend doesn’t love his sweetie who makes him sweets? Prepare your husband’s favorite treat, whether it be chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cupcakes, carrot cake, etc., and then write out in icing, “Honey I’m pregnant!” or write “Baby!” and see if he catches on at all. Not only will he be crying tears of joy because of your news, but he will love the sugar rush as well!

2. Fortune Cookie.

Next time you and your man order some takeout Chinese, write out your own fortune, whether it says “I’m pregnant!” or “We’re having a baby!”, sneak it in his fortune cookie when he is not looking, and let him crunch his way to the surprise! Besides, it’s a good fortune, so luck is on your side from here on out!

3. Full House Style!

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If any of you are Full House lovers, you will know exactly what I am talking about here. There is an episode when characters Jesse and Becky are eating dinner, and she wants to tell him that she is expecting a baby. So she makes him a fabulous dinner, and goes on to tell him that they are eating baby shrimp, baby corn, and baby back ribs. If you want to be a little more subtle and give him something to laugh about, this is a humerus way to do so!

4. Capture His Reaction!

Tell your honey that you want to have a fun little photo shoot. Then either set up your own camera or ask someone to take the picture or video for you. Then tell him to write something that he likes about you on a piece of poster board. You say you are doing the same, but instead you write how you are going to tell him. Then tell him to reveals his first, and then you can do yours. This is the perfect way to capture his reaction on camera!

5. T-shirt Madness!

Create your own shirt (we suggest Etsy) that says “Preggers” or “Ice, Ice” (get it?) in fancy, curly writing. Depending on the husband, it may take them a good bit to comment on your shirt. If they don’t say anything, you can make subtle hints about it until they do. Other than being a cute way to tell him, it can also make for a comfy sleep shirt!

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6. Board Games for the Nerds.

If you, as a couple, love playing board games together or have favorite board games from your childhood, incorporate those into your announcement! If your favorite game is Scrabble, then spell out your message! If you love to play the game of Life, then make sure you figure out how to tell them that you are actually building a family when it comes time to having kids in the game. Maybe you have another game you want to use. Whatever it is, do it!

7. I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Pickles and Ice Cream!

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Oh yes. If you and your man are settling in for the night and cozying up to a good movie, then why need add a special twist to this night while you are it? Announce that you are gonna get some ice cream and ask him if he wants any. Then fix yourself some and instead of adding the cherry on the top, just dump a big ol’ jar of pickles on top of the ice cream. Sit down and act nonchalant, and wait to see what his reaction is!

8. Good ‘Ol Bun in the Oven.

Wait until your husband has returned home from something and tell him that you have a treat baking in the oven. Then ask him if he can check on it to make sure that it is baking fine and  that it is not burning. He might be confused as to why there is a little dinner roll sitting on a plate in the oven, but trust me, he will understand it soon enough!

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