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8 Easy Steps To Help You Become A More Organized Mom

No mom guilt, just real advice.

Life as a mom is nothing short of crazy, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Though many articles and papers promise that they will give you the solutions to make you more organized overnight, that is not what we promise today. Instead, we are going to offer you some tips that will help to make your life as a mom simpler. After all, what mom couldn’t use a little help.

Get Yourself Ready First

Now, there are always going to be exceptions. Days that the alarm clock goes off late or you oversleep, but most days, try to be up and ready before you need to get the kids up. You will feel better if you are showered and look halfway decent, as opposed to chasing your kids around the kitchen still in your bathrobe. And, let’s be honest, if you aren’t ready before your kids are, you’re never going to look decent.

Start Dinner In The Morning

I would highly encourage that you take some time each weekend before you go to the grocery store to meal prep. That way, you always know that you have the right ingredients in your kitchen, ready to go. Also, make sure to utilize your crockpot. Many of those recipes are dump and go, and can be prepared before you rush off to work in the morning. Or, just get in the habit of starting parts of your dinner before the day gets away from you.

Don’t Do One-Day Laundry

I think that one of the biggest myths of motherhood is that you should have one day a week set aside for laundry and that’s it. But, when you start accumulating more mouths to feed, you might find that one time a week to do laundry quickly turns into a mountain. Instead, don’t be afraid to throw in a load each day. I know that laundry can be a daunting task, but by narrowing it down to one load a day, you are getting so much time back. Maybe try to throw it in right when you get in at night, or even in the morning before you head to work or do more around the house.

Take Notes

As moms, there are always a million thoughts, to-do lists, and checkpoints swirling around our heads each day. Take away some of that by keeping a notebook. You can create a to-do list each day, or just write down random reminders as they come to you, so you don’t forget. If you aren’t a pen and paper type of person, don’t be afraid to email or Facebook message yourself instead.

Schedule Time-Outs Throughout The Day

Any great mom knows that you can’t be perfect and on 24/7. You need rest and to take breaks, or you are going to implode. Schedule time throughout your busy day where you can take a second to sit down, even if it’s just for ten minutes. Maybe you can take an hour a couple of times a week to just read a book or catch up on your favorite show. You shouldn’t feel guilty about procrastinating like this; it’s necessary for your mental and even physical health.

Multi-Task With Your Cleaning

Yes, it can be hard to give two tasks equal attention at the same time, but sometimes just doing a once over and quick clean each day is more efficient than having a giant cleaning day.  For example, why not straighten up the house as you talk to your kids about how their day at school was. Or take a minute to wash parts of the bathroom when your kids are splashing in the tub. This will keep you from using all your energy to stress clean your house to perfection each day. The truth is, in a house full of kids or toddlers, your home is not going to be spotless, probably not until they’ve moved out. So, don’t drive yourself crazy trying to have the perfect house, by multi-tasking, you can pick up the worst of it each day.

Learn To Say No

No one likes to disappoint others, but as a mom your time is sacred. Only commit to what you know you can do and do well. It’s just as bad to say you can do something and do it poorly, as saying you can’t do it in the first place. Protect the precious time you have to spend with your family. Don’t feel bad for saying no. It will benefit you in the long run.

Don’t Strive For Perfection

Like I stated earlier, there is always going to be more things on your to-do list, more dishes to clean, and more laundry to throw in. Realize that now, and you will save yourself so much stress. You are doing a great job. And I guarantee that your children aren’t going to remember that there was a smudge on their bathroom door. They are going to remember the way that you treated them and how fiercely you loved them.

So, no matter what the state of your house or your children’s attitudes is today, realize that you are doing a fantastic job. I hope that these tips can help you to start conquering this motherhood thing once and for all.

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