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8 Fun Activities To Do With Your Kids This Spring

Spring is right around the corner.  In fact, March 20th starts the new season to be exact.  Depending on where you live, you may be seeing signs of Spring already taking place.  The days are getting longer, some birds have started their migration, and temperatures aren’t so cold, well, hopefully.  It’s a great time to start planning on some Spring activities that you can do with your kids.  I’ve created a list here to get you thinking and to inspire you to get out there and enjoy this season of new life that will soon be budding up all around us.

Go For A Hike

spring activities

This is a great time to get out and get moving.  Find a place to take your kids for a hike.  Look for and talk about signs of Spring.  Look for Spring crocuses coming up.  These little perennials are often the first to come up each year.  See if anyone can spot a robin or blade of green grass.  Most of all, enjoy the fresh scent and beauty that Spring can bring.

Plant Flowers

spring activities

When the threat of frost is over, you can start to plant flowers outdoors.  It may be too early yet to do that depending on where you live.  But nothing should stop you from planting seeds or bulbs indoors.  Stores are already stocking potting soil, containers, seeds, and bulbs for enthusiastic gardeners.  Take advantage of this and get an early start.  If your soil is not frozen, you may be able to plant some bulbs such as crocuses or tulips outside.

Have A Picnic

spring activities

On the next nice day, what is stopping you from taking your kids on a picnic?  Pack up some goodies and head out.  When my daughter and I take a picnic, we find it’s the little things that make our picnics together special.  We like to do it the old-fashioned way with a wicker basket and checkered blanket on the ground.  Make it special in your own way and make some memories.  A good book to read aloud together can also add to the fun.

Spring Crafts

spring activities

There are so many Spring crafts that can be done this time of year to get you in the Spring mood.  I’ll list some ideas here.

  1.  Make a pinecone and peanut butter bird feeder.  Smother a pinecone in peanut butter,  then roll it in birdseed.  Tie yarn or a piece of string around it and hang it in a place where you can watch birds come to feast off of it.
  2. Make a kite.  A homemade kite doesn’t have to be sophisticated to make.  Simple, lightweight sticks crossed like a cross or lowercase t can be your support.  Wrap twine or use glue to keep your t frame in place.  Then make notches around the outside edges of your stick frame so that you can run a string around it to form a diamond shape.  Then lay down a lightweight plastic garbage bag with the diamond kite on top of it.  Outline the kite but make the outline several inches larger than the diamond.  Cut the plastic and add glue and fold in to make your kite.  Get a kite string and attach it to the center x of your frame.  Have fun and fly your one of a kind homemade kite.
  3.  Make Cut Flowers Colorful.  If you can buy some white flowers such as carnations at a floral store, it can be fun to put each cut flower in its own cup along with different food coloring in each one.  Enjoy as the stems suck up the colored water and turn their petals to the color of the food coloring. This is not only fun but also makes a nice display.

Fly A Kite

spring activities

When you get a day with a little breeze, take some time out to fly a kite.  When I fly a kite with my child, it always reminds me of the Mary Poppins movie and the song called “Let’s Go Fly A Kite.” It is such a great way to incorporate fun and a little exercise on a breezy Spring day.

Wash Your Vehicle

spring activities


Spring is a great time to wash your vehicle the old fashioned way in your driveway or curbside.  Get some buckets, soap, and sponges or rags for your kids.  Hose your vehicle down thoroughly and then let them scrub.  When it’s all soapy, rinse it off with the hose.  If you are up to it, you may even want to wax it together.

Play Chalk Games

spring activities

If you have some pavement nearby, you can decorate the sidewalk with chalk or play hopscotch.  You can often find cheap chalk at dollar stores or Walmart.  Encourage your kids to be creative.  They may want to make mazes with the chalk or an endless amount of other chalk creations.

Go To The Playground

spring activities

When planning a Spring outing, you don’t have to get too sophisticated.  I used to be an elementary school teacher, and I have yet to meet a child that doesn’t want to go to a playground.  Make sure to dress for the weather and get out there and have some fun.  The fun doesn’t have to be limited to the kids.  Mom, Dad, and the family pet may want to come along too.  Enjoy breathing in the Spring air while getting some exercise.

Final Thoughts

When Spring is in the air, all the cares of the world can seem to melt away.  Make sure to take advantage of this season of new growth and renewal by participating in some Spring activities.  I’ve listed some ideas, but try to be creative and think of more things to do.  You and your kids will benefit from it while creating memories together. Happy Spring!





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