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8 Great Nail Ideas and Styles To Try This Spring

With Spring right around the corner, it’s time to spruce up your fingers for the latest nail trends. Whether you are going to the beach, going on vacation, or just looking for every day look, here are some of the latest nail polish trends you should be sure to keep an eye out for.

Give Pastels A Spin

spring  nails

You can never go wrong with pastel-colored Spring nails. They are a staple! Pastels work great on any skin tone, and they work even better with any outfit, especially floral outfits. If solid pastel colors aren’t really your thing, don’t be quick to dismiss them just yet. Pastels work as a great base if you want your nails to pop with nail art. There’s nothing cuter than a solid pastel canvas with delicate nail art flowers to get your nails in the spirit of Spring.

Unleash The Metallics

spring nails

Metallic nails were all the rage this past winter, but there’s no reason to let that nail trend die. Metallic colors like rose gold and chrome can make any outfit pop. Especially if you are one who’s just not that into springy floral printed outfits. If you’re not bold enough to rock the metallics as a full-on nail polish coat, then try incorporating metallics as a nail art design. There are several easy nail art designs that you can pull off without the help of a nail technician. Simply use thin pieces of nail tape to create zigzag or lined designs and color in the gaps with your favorite metallic color.

If you are hesitant about metallic nails like I was, then a safe color to start out with is metallic chrome. I really like this as a starter color because this color works well with almost any outfit. Metallic chrome can be fun and cute in the daytime and sophisticated and chic for an evening out. Metallic chrome, or any metallic nail polish color in general, offers clean, low maintenance Spring nails that are just too good to pass up.

Dress It Up With Gems

spring  nails

Nail gems have been another nail trend this season. Unfortunately, the practicality of nail gems can be tricky because they do take a good deal of maintenance. Instead of skipping nail gems all together, try incorporating small, subtle gems on specific fingers, like an accent finger. Gems can add a decorative touch to any nail polish, especially if you use them in conjunction with nail art designs. Just make sure that if you do incorporate gems in you Spring nails, that you use them modestly. There’s nothing effortless and more annoying than having to maintain gems on your nails while you’re trying to welcome in the Spring season.

Manicure Ideas

spring nails

Spring is when nature is at its finest, and the natural beauty of everything is evident all around. Your spring nails should reflect this too. If you’re opting to get your nails done professionally, then here are several manicure ideas to keep in mind. If you can, stick with gel colors that can be applied directly to your nail as opposed to acrylics that are attached to your nails. Shellac nail treatments are wonderful for spring nails because of their clean, smooth, and natural finish. Acrylics nails are great and all, but for a more natural day to day look, it’s best to avoid acrylics.

Don’t Forget The Pedicures

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While you’re drumming up some manicure ideas, it’ll be in your best interest to drum up some pedicure ideas too. Spring means swapping out your tennis shoes and winter boots for strappy sandals and open-toed flats and heels. Make sure that your toes get some Spring nails loving too by keeping them in mind when you’re getting your spring nails done.

For pedicures, it is hard to go wrong. I love a classy solid color because they tend to be low maintenance. But if you have no problem putting your toes on display, then there’s no harm in throwing some nail art design in the mix. If you do plan on incorporating nail art in your pedicure, then aim for contrasting colors. Contrasting colors are loud and can be seen and are great on toes. I consider it a waste if you choose to have delicate, subtle nail art on toes if no one can see it. A great pedicure idea is to incorporate a French manicure with bold colors instead of the traditional pink and white. Colors that pop can be seen better, and will catch the attention of all who glimpse at you. Just be wary of what color you choose. You don’t want your pedicured nail art to limit your outfit and shoe choices.

Go Nude

spring nails

You can never go wrong with a nice nude Spring nail. If you are unsure about jumping in with the nudes head on, then consider playing with a nude that is several shades darker first. The problem with nudes is that they’re so subtle that they can be overlooked. But with the right attitude and accessorizing (of course), nude nails can be the little touch of perfection that tie any outfit together. I especially love nudes because of their timelessness. They can make any outfit looked dressed up or dressed down. No matter what nude you choose to dress your Spring nails up in, your fingers will look flawless and classy.  

The Art Of The Accent Finger

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The beauty of the accent finger is another nail polish trend that is still going strong. Not only is it quick and effortless, but it’s an easy nail art design that can be incorporated into any Spring nail manicure idea. If you’re going to go for an accent nail, then there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First, make sure your accent nail does just that; accents your nail. Stay away from using a color that is too similar to your base color. If you are going to incorporate nail art on your accent nail, then there are some styles to think about.  Consider sticking with geometric shapes or contrasting colors that stand out. Incorporating glitter or gems on your accent nail is another manicure idea that is sure to get your spring nails turning heads.

Whatever finger you choose to accent, just remember that your thumb finger is off limits. One nail trend that I’m sure will never take off (and thankfully so) is the accent thumb. Bleh, just hideous.

Classic, Timeless, French

spring nails

If you are not much of a color person, then don’t worry, because you can still incorporate Spring nails in your style. There’s nothing classier and timeless than a set of cleanly cut, French manicured nails. A French manicure is subtle yet classy and goes well with absolutely any outfit you choose to rock this spring. When in doubt, there’s no going wrong with a French manicure.

I hope that these tips have inspired to get your nails Spring and Summer ready!

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