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8 Lazy Day Hair Hacks For When Life Gets In The Way

Whether you spend your days in an office cubicle, at home with the kids, or studying, we all have days that we don’t want to do our hair. And, the constant struggle of being a woman is that we want to look great without putting a ton of work into our hair. Today, we are going to be showing you some easy hairstyles that won’t make you look like the slob you sometimes feel like.  Enjoy trying them out!

The Effortless Top-Knot

If you have longer to medium length hair, this look could work well for you.

lazy day hairstyles

Two High Buns

This look makes you look young and adorable. Longer hair is essential to complete this look, but if you have shorter hair, feel free to complete this look with a half up half down style.

lazy day hairstyles

Baseball Cap Beaut

My uncle once told me that boys couldn’t get enough of girls that wear their hair in a ponytail with a baseball cap. Try this with a braid, two ponytails, or just threading your loose hair through the hole. This can make you look sporty and ready to get work done, instead of the zombie, you may feel like on a typical Monday morning.

lazy day hairstyles

Braided Ponytail

Instead of looking like you are headed to the gym, head to class or work with a twist on the classic ponytail.

lazy day hairstyles

Traditional Braids

If you are someone who likes to braid their hair and does it quickly, then braids are the perfect lazy day hairstyle for you! And if you want to be extra lazy, try showering, braiding your hair, and then sleeping. You’ll wake up ready to face the morning, and your hair will be complete!

lazy day hairstyles

Bunchy Ponytail

Just section off pieces of your hair, and puff them up. This beautiful look will have people asking you if you’re Elsa all day.

lazy day hairstyles

The Quintessential Messy Bun

In this iconic lazy day look, the messier your bun is, the better. Try braiding your hair around your bun, or underneath it, if you want to spice things up.

lazy day hairstyles


This is an excellent option if you did your hair the day before and it’s slightly fallen out, or you want to do nothing. Try it with braids, ponytails, buns, or just down. Just make sure it matches your outfit! This look works well for both long and short-haired women. 

lazy day hairstyles

As you can see, there are so many options out there for those lazy days where you could care less! Which is your favorite lazy day hairstyle? Share with us in the comments below!


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