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8 Outdoor Activities Perfect For Your Labor Day Weekend

Get with nature this last summer weekend.

Labor Day weekend is quickly approaching, so what are you going to do to celebrate the last weekend of the summer? I know it can be depressing to think about the warmer weather leaving, your tan fading, and the carefree spirit of summer dying, but you still have this weekend. Wondering what you can do that will help you to soak up some last summer sun with your friends and family? Want to find something fun that will give your wallet a break? I got you covered. 

Plan A Camping Trip

Whether that means going to a local camping ground with working toilets, or just pitching the tent in the middle of nowhere, a great way to end summer is to be in nature. Make sure that you pick up plenty of s’mores ingredients and bug spray. And don’t worry ladies, glamping has become socially acceptable.

Cliff Jumping

Now, you have to be careful if you are going to go this route. But, if done correctly, cliff jumping can be a total blast! Get a group of your friends, include the guys, and take off on an afternoon to face your fears. Also, if you are uncomfortable jumping off the cliff, you can just wade in the water below it. This is an excellent way to make videos, take pictures, and conquer your fears.

Beach Day

Do you have a local lake, beach, or body of water you and your friends can occupy? Great. Nothing says summer like donning your favorite bathing suit and soaking up those final rays. This is the perfect way to detox from the week you’ve just had, and finish that book you started way back in June.


More of a night-owl? No problem! A perfect way to spend time with friends would be to grab some wine, a weathered blanket, and set up a truck in the middle of a field. Take turns talking about your favorite parts of the summer, and just enjoy the beauty of nature all around you. Don’t forget to wish on any shooting stars.


This is a classic Labor Day traditional. Grab your favorite steaks, friends, and beers, to make for the perfect Saturday event. Also, it might be one of your last opportunities to enjoy your deck and outdoor grill.


Now, this is only plausible if you have access to a boat or have a friend that owns one. But why not take a day to hit the river? Make sure that you bring some floaties or water skis to add extra elements of fun.


Want cheap fun? Hiking is always your answer. Find a trail near your house, drive a couple of hours to a national park, or just explore the woods behind your house! Make sure you bring your go-pro or camera to get some great pictures.


On sunny days on my college campus,  all the trees would be stacked with three or four hammocks of students apiece. But, hammocking is a great way that you can relax and still be outside. You can listen to your favorite music,  read a good book, or just get lost in your thoughts. Some hammocks can be quite pricy, but you can get cheaper ones at Wal-mart for around 20 dollars.


I hope that these fun outdoor ideas helped jump start your brain with ideas for what you could do this weekend. Whatever you decide to do, just remember to have fun and be safe! Have the perfect Labor Day plans? Feel free to share them with us!

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