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8 Questions To Ask Yourself If You’re Considering Online Dating

1 in 5 relationships now start online.

When you first think about online dating, what is the first thing that pops into your head? Is it a creepy guy luring you out from behind a screen, the beginning of a Criminal Minds episode, or a cringe-worthy date? Whatever you think about online dating, it doesn’t have the reputation it once had. Actually, 1 in 5 relationships begins online in today’s world. 

It makes sense, we live in a busy fast paced world, and sometimes we just don’t meet people as quickly as we once did. So if you are wondering if you should take the plunge into online dating, you might want to start by answering the questions below.

How Do You Feel About Being Single?

If you are in a state of currently loving your singleness and being sworn off men, then you probably have no reason to start online dating. But, if you have been stressed, worried, or concerned recently because of your singleness, maybe you should try it. It might soothe your anxious heart to go on a couple of dates or see who is out there.

Are You Comfortable Meeting New People?

Now just because you might be more introverted, doesn’t mean you can’t meet and have some great dates through online dating. But, if you are someone who cringes or gets sick over the thought of interacting with someone you don’t know, don’t try online dating. It mainly is meeting and talking to a bunch of people you don’t know. But I would encourage you if you are wary of meeting new people, to put yourself out there and give it a try. If you hate it, you can always quit.

What Counts As Online Dating To You?

Obviously, sites like and Eharmony come to your mind first, but there are other avenues for “online dating,” that you might not have considered. Like what about installing a dating app? Most of these are free to users and are a more casual way of dipping your toe into online dating. You can try out an app, and if you want to get more serious, sign up for an online service.

Do You Work In A Female-Driven Environment?

Such as teaching or nursing. Though I am not encouraging you to date someone in your workplace, many relationships begin there. If you are surrounded by women, you might have a problem. Though you can be asked to be set up or hope that someone sets you up, the reality is that people aren’t as concerned about your relationship status as you are. They are likely to forget, not have anyone in mind, and not be able to help you out as much as you thought.

Do You Like The Bar Scene?

If you do, chances are that you might have some luck meeting guys on the weekend. But, they may not be worthy of bringing home to mom and dad. If you are over the bar scene and want a real relationship, it might be time to meet someone who is looking for the same thing. Also, it can be tough to meet men around your area if you aren’t going out on the weekends.

Are A Lot Of Your Friends Dating Or Married?

Be careful that you don’t just sign up for online dating because your friends want you to. This should 100% be your decision. But, you might be feeling left out, ignored, or bored on the weekends if you are single when many of your friends aren’t. Online dating can at least help you to start going on some dates and give you something to talk about when your friends ask.

Have You Just Moved Somewhere New?

Relocating is an enjoyable and exciting time, but it can also be challenging. Since you are no longer in college, you don’t have the vast pool of people your own age accessible to you any longer.  It can be hard enough to find friends and new community, let alone new men to go on dates with. How else are you going to get to know people? Who knows, maybe if you just aren’t attracted to your date you can have a new guy friend.

Have You Been Thinking About It?

Maybe you’ve never tried online dating and have been processing if it could work out. Perhaps you have heard some friend’s success stories and wondered if it could also work for you? My advice would be to give it a try if you’re curious. Most online dating sites offer a free trial and a discount the first month so that you don’t have to break your pocketbook trying. That way you can test out the site before you commit for the long haul.

Don’t be afraid to take some time and ask other people their opinions before you make a decision. And if you think it’s time, I wish you the best of luck on your future dates!

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