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8 Early Pregnancy Signs That Reveal If You’re Having Twins In The First Trimester

Do you think you might be having twins?! For some, the news of twins is what they hoped for, and they are excited beyond belief. But for many others, finding out you are having twins can be a bit of a surprise. A scary one.

Double the crying. Twice as many diapers. Two of everything.

But it really is double the fun, too. I have known a lot of twins in my life, both as a child and now as a teacher. My best friend also has twins. I always hear from the parents that they wouldn’t have it any other way. They admit that it is hard but so rewarding. They love to watch the twins interact with each other and enjoy seeing the different personalities develop.

So now that you know the possibility of having twins doesn’t have to be so alarming, here are some questions to ask yourself as the following list could be signs you’re having twins in the first trimester.

Did You Experience Symptoms Early?


Women who are pregnant with twins usually report that they felt symptoms a lot earlier than they did with their other pregnancies.

When You Took Your Test, Was It An Immediate Yes?


When pregnant with twins, your HCG levels will be much higher. The level can be so high that it will immediately be detected through the urine test and result in a dark, very clear positive.

Are You Feeling Extra Sick?


A couple of my friends who have twins confirmed that they both felt extra sick while pregnant with twins compared to their other pregnancies. The nauseous feelings start early and keep some women in the bathroom. Women also report having horrible cramps when compared to pregnancies with one baby. This is due to the uterus quickly expanding to make room for two.

Do You Have All The Usual Symptoms To The Extreme?


Are you overly sensitive to certain foods, smells, textures, or appearance of some foods? Have you been experiencing extreme breast tenderness and feel too uncomfortable even to wear a bra? Do you feel like you are always tired, unable to make it through the day? Are you always needing to use the restroom? Or are you feeling very emotional and moody? All of these symptoms are typical for pregnancy with one baby but are often magnified when there are two.

Has Your Heart Been Working Even Harder?


Women who are pregnant with twins can usually feel that their heart is beating much faster and harder than normal.

Have You Been Feeling Movements?


Some women report feeling their babies move earlier than the standard weeks for just one baby.

Have You Been Told You Measure Large?


Perhaps you have been told by a friend or a doctor that you are measuring larger than average for your due date. This could be a sign that there are two embryos present.

Do You Just Have This Feeling?


Some women just sense that they are pregnant with twins. They either have a dream or just a feeling that they are having two.

You’re More Likely To Have Twins If…


  • You have already been pregnant before
  • You have already had twins
  • Twins run in your family through your mother, aunts, or sister on your side or your partner’s
  • You have had fertility assistance to conceive
  • You are taller than the average height
  • You are overweight
  • You are African American
  • You are over 30 years old
  • You are going through peri-menopause

Don’t Forget


Please remember that every pregnancy is unique, including every twin pregnancy. Just because you experience some of these symptoms does not necessarily mean you are having twins. On the other hand, there is still a chance you are having twins even if you do not experience any symptoms. Some moms do not find out they are pregnant with twins until the first sonogram.

Having twins can be so much fun, even if it was not something you had wished for! Two babies also means you will have double the snuggles, double the love, and your heart will melt twice as much.

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