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8 Things Great Stay At Home Moms Say No To Every Week

Being a stay at home mom can be a very grueling job. Somedays you may wake up and wonder where you are going to find the energy to get to the bathroom, let alone deal with your screaming children all day. Our culture and society have put more pressure than ever before on all moms, and it is time we start believing the truth over lies. Hopefully, these tips can encourage you to start saying no to some things as a stay at home mom.

Snoozing The Alarm

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I hope for your sake that you are a morning person, but, if you are anything like me, your days don’t always begin by waking up peacefully. It is typically a 30 minute battle of convincing yourself that you must leave your warm sheet oasis and face the day. But, as a stay at home mom, you are going to feel so much better if you just get up and start your day. I am going to let you in on a little secret. No one likes getting up early, not even morning people.

They can get up because they understand that it will only be a couple of minutes of pain and then they will be ready to face the day. A good idea is to set your alarm 5 minutes before you HAVE to or want to get up and to let your body wake up slowly. If you can’t stop snoozing your alarm, it always helps to put it across the room from you, so you are forced to get up. It is much better to get up now so that you don’t have the kids waking you up later.

To Having A “Sweat Pants and Messy Bun” Day, Every Day


It might seem ridiculous to get yourself ready for a day where only your toddlers are going to see you but try it. It is going to make you feel so much better to have on a couple of swipes of mascara and blow dry your hair. Try opting for comfy clothes that can also be stylish like Lula Roe or anything labeled loungewear. Set aside a day each week, maybe a Monday when you are extra tired, to just bum it completely. But try the other days of the week to look somewhat presentable. Put on some Sesame Street in the morning and take 15 minutes to clean yourself up.

Being Afraid To Ask For Help


Most stay at home moms feel guilty asking someone to babysit their kids while they run some errands or get their haircut, but they shouldn’t. Don’t feel like you can’t go out with your girls, get lunch with your mom, or run to Target by yourself. If you have the financial resources to hire a babysitter from time to time, utilize it. You are still a great mom if you leave your kids for a couple of hours.

Likewise, at nights and on the weekends, don’t be afraid to ask your husband to step up. Yes, he has been at work all day, but staying with your kids can be just as exhausting. When you need a break from the kids on the weekends, let your husband have some time to bond with them.

Not Working Out


Make living healthy a priority even when you are home. Try incorporating small exercise routines during the day with your kids, or enrolling in a gym that has daycare. Having your kids seeing you be healthy and happy is going to instill the importance of exercising in them from a young age. If you don’t have time to sneak away to the gym, maybe ask Santa for some free weights and a yoga mat for you to use at your leisure at home.

Always Saying Yes


Just because you are a stay at home mom, doesn’t mean that you need to run all the PTA meetings, girl scout fundraisers, and sports sales. Working moms have just as much responsibility to help out as you do. Don’t be guilted in for signing up for more than you can handle because you are at home. Also, don’t be afraid to say no to friends or family members who want to meet up during a busy week. Your time is precious, and you need to protect the unique time you have with your kids.

Letting Their Kids Consume A Ton Of Technology


It can be easy to just flick on some TV when you need some time to straighten up the house or cook but don’t always give in to that temptation. Take advantage of the time you have with them now, and don’t let it be entirely ruled by technology. You have plenty of years to look forward to in the future where they’ll be glued to their phones.

Try reading to your kids regularly, taking them on hikes and walks outside, playing outside, crafting, and making food together. Talk with your spouse and set a technology limit for your kids each day, and try not to go above it.

Also, make sure that you are always present when you are with your children. Don’t spend your day constantly updating your social media statuses or tagging your husband in memes. If your kids are doing something adorable, don’t stop and try to capture it on SnapChat, just enjoy it. You are so blessed that you are financially able to watch your kids grow up each day. Don’t miss out because you think you’re missing out online.

Feeling Guilty About Needing Down Time


Don’t feel bad about needing some time just to relax and not have someone tugging on your arm for five seconds. Nap times are an excellent opportunity for you to get some R and R each day. Settle yourself down with a good book, binge a quick episode of TV, or just sit in silence.

Even though you may have a million things that you feel like are on your plate, take a break. I’m going to let you in on another secret; you’re never going to get it all done. There will always be more dishes to clean, noses to wipe, and laundry to fold. Realize that now and take five minutes to eat some Dove chocolate today.

Staying In The House All Day


It can be lonely to be a stay at home mom sometimes. Because you are at home with your kids, you may feel more isolated from the world than you did when you interacted with co-workers every day. So change that mentality. Take your kids out to a restaurant for lunch, to do activities in the city, or to run errands.

Try joining a stay at home mom group where you can meet up with women just like you once a week to chat. Find free places where you can bring your kids to hang out. Staying cooped up in the house is only going to make you sad, so get out there.

I hope that you can start saying no to these challenges this week, and yes to be a better and healthier stay at home mom.

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