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8 Tips For Dressing Your Baby As The Weather Gets Chiller

Help your baby have the perfect temperature this winter.

As the fall transitions into winter,  you may be wondering what the best ways to keep your baby snug and warm are. Taking on a new season with a newborn or new baby can be difficult, but with today’s tips, we hope to alleviate that. Today we are giving you all the advice you need for dressing your baby during the colder weather.

Blankets Are A Must

Before you leave your house or go anywhere, make sure that you have a toddler or baby blanket handy just in case. Babies body temperatures are unpredictable. That means that they may get colder when you least expect it. Instead of dashing home to warm them up, always have a blanket to spare. Try to find a tiny one that you can fold up quickly to put in your baby bag, car seat, or stroller.

Layer, Layer, Layer

You may have heard the old saying that you can always take clothes off, but you can’t put them on. This was always what my mother said to me before I went to a colder football game or cross country meet in high school. But the same is true for your child. On those crisper fall mornings, it may be a lot colder in the morning until it warms up in the afternoon.  Be prepared for this always changing weather with layers. Pack sweaters and sweatshirts just in case. Don’t be afraid to add scarves, hats, and boots for additional layers.

Check Your Baby’s Feet and Belly

Because your baby can’t talk, they aren’t able to tell you when they are getting too cold or too hot. You can check this by touching their feet or their stomachs. If your baby has a cold belly and feet,  add some layers. If their stomachs are hot, and so are their feet, take off a layer because they may start to overheat.

Adjust To Your Child’s Size

Make sure that your baby’s clothes aren’t too tight. This can cause them to lose circulation and become colder. Being a baby is the one time you don’t have to worry about your weight, so don’t be afraid to buy them bigger or smaller clothes. I would suggest trying things on right when you buy them and seeing if they fit your child. When you start to notice that an article of clothing fits your baby a little snugger, toss it in a pile to give to goodwill or another family; you don’t want to keep mixing clothes that don’t fit your child in with clothes that do.

Utilize Hats

Not only do babies look beyond adorable in hats, but they are also essential for keeping their temperatures regulated. We lose heat through the top of our head, so make sure that your baby’s head is snug and secure. You can always take a hat off if they are too hot, or add it if you believe they are getting cold.

Think Cooler For Sleeping

One of the hardest tasks of dressing your baby for colder weather is how to dress them when they are sleeping at night. You will most likely not be able to check on them every minute of the night to see if they are overheating. I would suggest dressing your child cooler for sleeping than you would for a day outing. It may also be a good idea to regulate the temperature in your baby’s room, and put something over your heating vent if the room is getting too stuffy with a closed door. Suitable clothes for sleeping would be a sleeping onesie that covers your baby’s feet.

Once you’ve assessed the room’s temperature, you may want to add a sleeping sack or blanket to the crib. I would advise dressing your baby for bed an hour or so before they go to sleep, that way you can feel your baby’s neck and see if they are sweaty before you lay them down. If you are co-sleeping with your baby, don’t add a blanket or sleeping sack, your body heat will be enough for them.

Invest In A Stroller Cover

In our review on double strollers, we addressed the importance of having a stroller cover for your child. This is going to enable you to take them out of the house more during those colder months and protect them from harsh wind and snow.

Un-Bundle Once Inside

It is essential to have plenty of layers, hats, coats, and mittens when you are taking your baby out and about. But, there is a good chance that the heating is working just fine in your house. Once you are situated inside for the day, gently peel the layers off your child. They are sure to be comfortable wearing less indoors. Make sure that you are regularly feeling their stomachs and feet to see if you need to add or take away layers indoors. Also, be careful about how bundled up your baby is riding in their car seat in the car. You don’t want them to overheat in those bulky layers, and the seat belts may not keep your child as secure in snow pants and heavy winter coats. Don’t be afraid to stop and add those layers to your child when you arrive at your destination.

I hope that these tips can help you and your family as we transition to those chillier months. Don’t forget to check out our articles on dressing your newborn baby girl and boy in style.

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