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8 Tips To Successfully Surviving Monday Mornings

You’ll need more than coffee to get through this Monday.

Your alarm clock starts blaring, your eyes flash open, and as your mind becomes aware, you realize that it is Monday once again. And no amount of crying, procrastinating, or lying in bed can stop that. You may be feeling groggy, cranky, and utterly unprepared to face the week that is stretched out in front of you. So how can you handle Monday? How can you manage to not bolt to the door after taking one look around your office this AM?

1. Get That Coffee

The minute you wake up, the minute you open your eyes, the minute you even start to think about it being Monday, go straight to the coffee-maker. No Monday is complete without the proper boost of caffeine. Make sure that you are equipped to face the day, and never let anyone tell you that you’re drinking too much coffee on a Monday. You need it.

2. Try To Shower

I know that everyone has different reasons they like to shower in the morning or the night, but, showering in the morning on a Monday morning, might be the only thing that gets you up. Instead of lazing through your day half-aware of your surroundings, a quick hot shower will be sure to make you feel alive.

3. Have A Pump-Up Work Playlist

Drive to work listening to your favorite upbeat tunes. This will help get you in the right mood to go to work, and, who knows? Maybe you’ll even be singing along by the time you get to work.

4. Wear Your Favorite Outfit

Unfortunately, we can’t wear sweatpants or pajamas to work, yet. So, if you have a lucky suit, skirt, or favorite dress, it might be time to break it out. It has been scientifically proven that you perform better on exams and everyday tasks when you feel confident in what you are wearing. So show this Monday what is up with your favorite outfit.

5. Don’t Talk To Your Non-Work Friends

Now I am not saying to avoid your boss or superiors, but, if it’s a Monday morning, you might not be equipped to deal with the annoying people at your office just yet. It will make you feel better to gossip with Carol by the water cooler or ask Amy how her date went this weekend. Once you’ve talked to people you enjoy, you’re ready to converse with those you don’t enjoy so much.

6. Don’t Slack Off Friday

I know that on a Friday afternoon at work you feel like doing absolutely nothing, but, if you leave tasks you need to get done for too long, your Monday morning is going to hit you like a ton of bricks. To make sure that doesn’t happen, write out specific tasks you need to get done each day at work and don’t leave until you’ve accomplished them. Then, instead of being caught off guard on Monday morning, you’ll be ready to face the day.

7. Plan Something Fun Monday Nights

I know that the first thing you think about doing on a Monday night is going home to curl up in your bed and try not to cry, but try to plan something fun. It can help give you something to look forward to during your mundane Monday. So think about going out for drinks with friends, taking a Zumba class at your gym, or go out to eat. This will help your mind to associate something positive with Mondays.

8. Be Positive

Now I am not saying to start putting motivational posters and scouring Pinterest for inspirational quotes each Monday morning, but try to look on the bright side. Maybe every Sunday night or Monday morning, you make a list of reasons you are happy for that day. You can list the positives that are going on in your life, and that will help to upset the dread you feel about going to work. Either way, don’t let this Monday get your down. Soon enough, Tuesday will begin.

I hope that this article helped you if you are currently dying at your work cubicle. You can get through this Monday. I know you can.

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