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8 Tips For Starting And Sticking To A Wedding Fitness Plan

Feel confident on your wedding day.

As you get closer and closer to your wedding day, you may become more and more self-conscious about how you’re going to look. Your wedding day should be the day where you feel the most beautiful. Not a day where you feel uncomfortable in your dress and in front of your guests. With so many workouts, diets, and other plans out there that promise quick results fast, how can you be sure that you are doing the right things? Luckily, good old-fashioned exercise is still going to be the most effective way to shed those unwanted pounds. Today, we have some steps to take and stick to as you begin your weight loss journey.

Commit To A Gym

Now, I know that if you live in a more tropical climate, you may have the luxury of working out outside all times of the year, but many of us do not. However, paying for a gym membership is going to give you the drive to actually work out, because you don’t want to waste the money. Being around other people, particularly in a class setting, will push you to work out harder and burn more calories. So, don’t wait until your New Year’s Resolution to start, sign up today.

Set A Time

Set a time where you will go to the gym each day or every couple of days each week. This could be packing a bag so you can go right after work or setting out clothes each night, so you’re ready to go in the morning. But set a time and the days you want to go to the gym each week, and stick to them. You don’t have to go every single day and never take a break to lose weight. But, you do need to try to stick to a routine, so you can measure and see results. I would suggest at least taking one day off a week, but don’t feel bad for only making it to the gym a couple of days each week. Sometimes with our busy lives, we have to take what we can get.

Interval Training

One thing that has been proven to burn more fat and calories, is incorporating interval training into your workouts. This means that there are times that you are going faster and times you are slowing down over the course of a cardio workout.  Making your body speed up and then relax, and then speed up again, helps to elevate your heart rate and increase calories being burned. It also keeps your body from getting adjusted to the same workout, and thus burning fewer calories. The great thing about interval training is that you can apply this to any of your favorite workout machines. This could be running on a treadmill,  biking, the elliptical, stair stepper, whatever you like best. Try starting out doing 15 minutes of intervals; do 30 seconds fast and then two minutes slower. From there you can build up based on your endurance.

Hit The 30 Minute Mark

Every time you workout, you should be trying to work out for at least 30 minutes. Anything less than that and it is going to be hard to see any results, especially if you aren’t regularly working out each day. This doesn’t mean that you have to be on the same machine for 30 minutes. You can spend some time running, switch to another machine, or split lifting with cardio.

Invest In Classes

Like I mentioned earlier, taking workout classes might motivate and push you to work out harder than you would normally by yourself. It’s also a great way to make some new friends that could encourage you in your weight loss journey. Think how fun it would be to attend classes with your bridesmaids if they are all in the same area. And, classes are usually an hour long, so that’s, even more, workout time than if you were burning calories alone.

Take A Couple Days To Lift

I know that when you’re thinking about losing weight, you might be thinking that you should focus primarily on cardio. That because you are sweating and breathing heavier, that your body will slim down more than if you lift. But, lifting is also a very vital part of working out. Lifting will help you to lose significant calories, and tone those parts of your body that are a little flabbier. So, don’t cheat out on lifting or skip it altogether with your workout regimen. The results of lifting are going to help you look and feel better. However you like working out best, try to have a balance of cardio and weightlifting.

Be Patient

Unfortunately, you aren’t going to see immediate results the minute you step off the elliptical. It might be several weeks before you see anything start to change. But, don’t give up just because you can’t tangibly see that it’s working. It is working. And soon, you’ll be able to see it. Also, don’t get discouraged if other people are making more progress than you are. Everyone has different body types and metabolisms. Just putting yourself out there and sticking to a workout plan is something to be celebrated.

Push Yourself

Don’t just go to a gym and do the bare minimum for 30 minutes. Put in the effort and you’ll get good results. Have accountability partners and people who will encourage you to get your workout done. You are working out for a purpose, keep that end goal in mind whenever you feel like quitting.

I know that getting down to that perfect size or shape before your wedding day can feel impossible, but you can start taking positive steps today. I hope that you look and feel like the beautiful person that you are on your wedding day!

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