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8 “Treat Yo-Self” Must-Haves from Amazon for Any Bride

A prepared bride probably already has her wedding planned months in advance. Heck, a prepared bride that does not procrastinate is probably not even engaged yet but has her whole wedding planned. But even a thought out bride can miss a few things sometimes.

An unprepared bride probably is scrambling around frustrated, trying to get everything together last minute before the special day arrives. An unprepared bride probably does not have enough time to read this article, but hey, they are reading it anyway.

Whether you are a prepared bride or unprepared bride, why not treat yourself? We have compiled a list of must have items that you will definitely be thankful for the day of your wedding, whether they are needed or just an added bonus.

And where better to get these things than Amazon? Amazon has everything anyone could ever want, and more. If you are a bride that wants to make the wedding day even more enjoyable, read on for some Amazon products that are a must have.

Comparison Table

[amazon box=”B0026FBJWA,B0064O4LFQ,B009YD9OA6,B00MOL4AIQ,B01CBX5I14,B018J2WY8G,B00006FMUW,B00K5VUQRG” template=”table”]

8 “Treat Yo-Self” Must-Haves from Amazon

1. UGG Slippers

[amazon box=”B0026FBJWA” ]

You better believe that your feet will be sore at some point during the day of your wedding. So why not keep your feet comfy for as long as possible? When it comes to getting ready in the morning, whether it is a warm, outdoor summer wedding or a chilly winter wonderland wedding, why not do your walking in comfy moccasins? The bride deserves ultimate comfort, and UGGS have never disappointed!

2. Soundfreaq Bluetooth Speaker

[amazon box=”B0064O4LFQ” ]

When it comes to getting ready in the morning, how do you picture you and your girlfriends pampering and preparing? Do you picture everyone doing their own thing and having small conversation? Or how about everyone belting out some of their favorite song choices? If you are a bride that loves blasting some of your favorite tunes now and then, Soundfreaq’s Bluetooth speaker is a solid investment. These speakers provide utmost quality and sound when it comes to speakers, and the Bluetooth feature is an added bonus. Get ready right the morning of your big day!

3. Plush Bath Robe

[amazon box=”B009YD9OA6″]

Who doesn’t love being comfy? This plush robe will certainly give you that warm and fuzzy feeling! If it is snowing outside on the morning of your wedding, curl up in this warm, plush bath robe with a hot chocolate before getting ready. This might be just what you need to calm down and relax before you start the long day ahead of you!

4. Bath Bombs

[amazon box=”B00MOL4AIQ”]

Bath Bombs are seriously wonderful. Seriously. Not only do they make sparkles and swirly shapes, like pictured above, but they also having relaxing elements to give your skin the break it needs. Maybe the night before or the morning of the wedding, taking a nice bath with one of these awesome bath bombs is the way to do it!

5. Wifey Coffee Mug

[amazon box=”B01CBX5I14″]

Personalized bride coffee mugs are not only perfect for sipping your favorite tea or coffee flavor on the day of your wedding, but they make for the perfect photo op! This wifey mug is simply adorable, and unlike many mugs that say “Bride” or “Bride to Be”, you can use this mug after the special day as a small memory of how wonderful your wedding truly was.

6. Lavender Sugar Body Scrub

[amazon box=”B018J2WY8G” ]

This scrub makes for the perfect spa treatment, without the awfully expensive spa prices! Sugar scrub is incredibly exfoliating for your skin, as well as an excellent moisturizer and stress relief scrub. Any sugar scrub is great for your skin, but the Lavender choice above is the way to go.

7. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

[amazon box=”B00006FMUW”]

Are you getting a little nervous for the altar? Then comic relief is a necessary. And what better comic relief than My Big Fat Greek Wedding? If you have never seen this movie, I am so sorry for your loss and sheltered childhood. Because it is amazing. But for those who love this movie, add it to your movie collection and list of things to do the night before your wedding.

8. Yoga Ball

[amazon box=”B00K5VUQRG”]

That position looks incredibly comfortable, but awfully hard to achieve. Either way, a yoga ball is a great addition to your wedding. You might be confused, but let me tell you why. You can use it for actual yoga, like it is designed for. Or on the morning of, sit on it while you are having your hair and makeup done. Yoga balls are great for improving posture, not to mention bouncing up and down on. Just be careful you are not bouncing too much while the cosmetologist is applying your mascara!

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