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8 Unique Bouquet Ideas

Want to add some flair to your wedding in an unexpected way? By switching out a traditional flower bouquet with a trend-setting bouquet your wedding will be sure to have a pinch of pizazz added to it. Here are a couple unique bouquets that can act as an inspiration for you when you are deciding what type of wedding bouquet you want when walking down the aisle.

1. Brooch Bouquet

The Brooch Bouquet is a becoming a trend among brides today that want to be unique and add a vintage vibe to their wedding bouquet. Will a bouquet full of beautiful, diverse brooches and pins, you will be able to keep it as a keepsake forever and pass it down for generations without the fear of it wilting.

2. Feather Bouquet

Have a feathery dress and want to compliment it with your bouquet? Even if you do not have any feathers incorporated in your wedding, a feather bouquet is a bold and beautiful choice when it comes to wanting to stand out. The most common feather found in these types of bouquets are peacock feathers, but feel free to replace it with whatever feather you fancy.

3. Succulents and Plant Bouquet

A bouquet made out of succulents and other types of plants can give your wedding an earthy, natural feel. This different choice of bouquet will be sure to turn heads and make for lovely pictures that show just how special you and your fiancee really are.

4. Button Bouquet

Have leftover buttons from the tags of all of your new dresses and shirts? This is the perfect outlet to let out your creativity and thriftiness. You can also let out your crafty side when making this bouquet which will leave your wedding guests raving about your originality.

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5. Fan Bouquet

This new, upcoming trend is an easy way to get creative when planning your wedding. If you are having an old-fashioned, vintage themed wedding, a fan bouquet would fit in perfectly. This bouquet screams style and is a personal touch that can make your wedding even more spectacular!



6. Seashell Bouquet

A seashell bouquet is a necessity for a beach themed wedding. Not only does it scream nautical, but it also gives your bouquet an extra flare that helps tie together your wedding theme. If you are having your wedding at a beach, you could make this bouquet by picking up some of the seashells that you find by the sea shore. She found seashells by the seashore.



7. Sheet Music Bouquet

A bouquet for music fans everywhere, a sheet music bouquet is ideal to carry down the aisle to show your guests your  love of music. This breath-taking bouquet can be made with sheet music to your favorite piece or can be music of you and your future spouse’s favorite song. This will add a personal and original touch to your wedding that will speak more than flowers would.

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8. Fruit Bouquet

Ever think about carrying fruit down the aisle? Although this is a strange, out-of-the-box idea, it can be done tastefully,no pun intended, and leave a lasting imprint on your wedding guests. A fruit bouquet is perfect for a wedding in any season because you can just specialize the fruit according to that season. For example, you could do apples for a fall wedding, cranberries for a winter wedding, strawberries for a spring wedding, and lemons for a summer wedding.

The bouquet is the part of your wedding where you are able to tie together the theme of your wedding with your own personal style and sentimentality. Make sure you choose the bouquet you love because it will be featured in countless photos that you will reminisce on for years to come with you and your family.

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