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8 Ways To Handle Having Your Period At Work

It’s time, to be honest about our struggle.

Come on, ladies, it’s time not to be afraid to admit our struggle. The struggle of having our periods in our male dominated offices. It can be terrifying to spend your day planning just the right time to head to the bathroom and praying you won’t bleed through your seat in a long meeting. It might be gross, but we’ve all been there. And it’s time that we found some solutions.

Though I work with many women at my job, until recently, I sat in a cubicle pod surrounded by men. Each time I had my period, I would have to strategically try to sneak my tampon from my bag and into my pocket before anyone saw. And I couldn’t take my purse to the restroom, talk about the most obvious sign ever. So how can we as working women be sneaky about our monthly secret? I have some ideas.

Always, Always Have Pain Medication Handy

When I used to work retail, one day I started to get some truly awful period cramps. But, I had stupidly forgotten all my drugs at home. I had to talk to my manager, who was luckily a woman, and went home because I honestly couldn’t even stand while I worked. You don’t want that to happen to you at your grown-up job. So make sure that if you feel some cramps or nausea coming on, you are prepared. No one wants to use one of their days off because their period is killing them.

Use A Purse Or Bag

Make sure that you have something you can carry around your tampons and pads in. Try to get bags that have bigger pockets so you can really stuff them in on the days you need extra support. And don’t be paranoid that men realize you have your period if you take your purse to the bathroom, they hardly even know what day it is.

Buy Comfortable/ Period Friendly Clothing

If you work in a business professional or casual setting, it can be a real challenge to find clothes that look great, but also won’t make you feel like a bloated marshmallow. If you work in a business casual setting, T-shirt dresses, high rise skirts, or maxi dresses are great options. If you work in a professional business environment, try to purchase comfortable dress pants. Dress pants don’t need to be the same texture as skinny jeans, and your body will thank you once a month if you have pants that are looser in the thighs. And just don’t wear white, for everyone’s sake. 

Don’t Be Embarrassed

If you accidentally drop a tampon in front of a male, don’t apologize. They all know women, and all have mothers; they should be able to deal with the fact that you get a gift each month you never asked to receive. I am not saying you need to be flaunting your period or talking to your boss about your time of the month, but make sure that you aren’t afraid to go to the bathroom, or give yourself medicine because you are scared of how the men around you will notice or react. 

Stash A Heating Pad At Work

If you have truly terrible stomach problems during your period, you should be equipped with a heating pad at work just in case. Obviously, the heating pad is going to be a dead give away, so take a blanket to work and put the heating pad underneath it. My office is usually very chilly anyway, so I end up using a blanket most days.

Keep Your Mood In Check

I know that some women experience more irritability and anxiety during their time of the month, so if that’s you, there are several ways you can be prepared. If this is a more serious issue, don’t be afraid to ask your doctor or gynecologist about some medication you can begin taking. Practice deep-breathing exercises regularly. These will help you to stay calm and relaxed when you become angry or overwhelmed. Always, always filter what you say before you say it. 

Use A Community Bathroom

If you are in a smaller office or on one floor of a building, you might want to ask other women around you to pitch in to stash tampons and pads in the bathroom for people to be able to use. This is great if you get your period at work unexpectedly, and eliminates the awkward shuffle to the bathroom.

Bring A Change Of Clothes

If you know you are more prone to a heavy flow the first couple of days of your period, make sure that you stash an extra skirt or pair of pants in your car or office just in case. If you haven’t checked out Ultra tampons before, it might be time to invest.

I hope that these tips made you laugh and can help you to think about how to navigate your office the next time you get your period. If you have any other tips, please comment them below!

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